Jockey School is in to Save Dying Country Racing

As country racing has kicked off in western Queensland in recent weeks, momentum is building for a “jockey school” – or mentoring program – to recruit more jockeys and track staff to offset crippling shortages.

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Northern leaders unite for Hinchinbrook RegenAqua Project

A joint partnership between James Cook University and Australian company Pacific Biotechnologies Pty Ltd has resulted in world-leading technology that organically converts waste and sewerage water to clean, healthy re-usable water and Hinchinbrook could soon be home to one of these projects known as RegenAqua.

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Dametto Warns Queensland Parliament of Tiktok Dangers

Popular social media application TikTok, has caused nation-wide concern based on the app’s links to China. The app’s parent company, ByteDance is a Chinese owned company and globally, there is fear that data obtained by the app might be accessible to the Chinese government.

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