Australia is just feeding the ‘Chinese crocodile’: Katter

Dec 22, 2022

Australia is just feeding the ‘Chinese crocodile’: Katter

Dec 22, 2022

AUSTRALIA’S relation repair with China is like feeding a crocodile, and if anyone knows a thing or two about the apex predators, it’s North Queensland MP Bob Katter.  

While the government celebrates its recent talks with China as the dawn of a new era in bilateral relationships, Mr Katter is reminding the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister the dangers of “feeding the crocodile”.  

“We’re a marvellous quarry to them, and when that quarry runs out, we’re bankrupt,” Mr Katter said.  

“The Labor government is walking on dangerous grounds playing footsies with China.  

“There is no doubt, embedded in the Chinese psyche, is the concept of a middle kingdom and there is no doubt they dominated the known world for 1500 years.  

“India was hidden by the Himalayas, America wasn’t discovered and Europe was so far away it didn’t exist for China. The rest of the world was ruled directly or indirectly by China and that mentality is still there.”  

Mr Katter said the Government’s actions with the Asian powerhouse were symbolic of famous English leader Winston Churchill’s quote: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile-hoping it will eat him last.”  

“You just don’t poke the crocodile,” he said.  

The Kennedy MP instead called on the Government to focus on and prioritise essential services for Australia – water, electricity and communications, a missile fortress wall with 200,000 missiles and a semi-automatic rifle and training for every schoolboy in the nation.  

“Try and pick a fight with a 10 million-strong army.  

“Ask the Americans how they went in Vietnam, ask French general Napolean how he went in Spain.”