Bonza provides for the North West

Dec 8, 2023

Australia’s new low-cost airline Bonza launched in Mount Isa on Tuesday, December 5 with visitors flying in on ‘Bazza’ from the Gold Coast for the first time.

Member for Kennedy Bob Katter MP said, “This is a great and wonderful thing that Bonza have done for the local community.”

A positive for Australian producers, Bonza states its menu is the first onboard menu to be 100 per cent sourced from Australia.

Bonza will fly direct from Mount Isa to the Gold Coast twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays with current fares up to a third of the price Qantas offer to Brisbane.

“I have expressed my distaste to the Qantas board in relation to their fare pricing for locals and visitors on numerous occasions,” Mr Katter said.

“All the wonderful things that Qantas once did for us, Bonza will now do for us.

“Today Mount Isa had a win, however there is still a long way to go.

“More needs to be done to achieve affordable pricing, regular and reliable services that connect travel to our regional cities such as Mount Isa, Cairns and Townsville for both locals and visitors.”

Bonza CEO Tim Jordan said, “It means a great deal to us opening up another destination, meaning that people can now travel and explore not only the North West, but also head down to South East Queensland with a fare that is affordable.”

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