Bruce Highway roadwork delays add to commuter frustrations

Sep 15, 2022

Bruce Highway roadwork delays add to commuter frustrations

Sep 15, 2022

Bruce Highway commuters are becoming increasingly frustrated as travel time from Townsville to Ingham blows out to two hours due to roadwork delays and road conditions, Deputy Leader of the Katter’s Australian Party and Hinchinbrook MP, Nick Dametto has said.


The Hinchinbrook MP is calling on Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey to improve project management oversight and quality and control processes for road construction along the national highway.


“Whilst we appreciate the large amount of funding allocated for works between Townsville and Ingham it concerns me that motorists have expressed disappointment and frustration at the lengthy delays as well as questioned the quality of some works being completed,” Mr Dametto said.


“For anyone travelling between the Townsville CBD and Ingham, they’re looking at a two-hour bunny hop through a mine field of stop lights and speed reductions to their destination.


“We all understand that roadworks and upgrades bring some delays and I understand the need to reduce speed limits through sections of roadworks for the safety of construction workers and motorists, however I can understand those who have expressed frustration of having to slow down to 60km/hr for unattended sections of road works.


“It makes no sense to anyone as to why speed limits couldn’t be raised during times personnel are not on site and road conditions permit, one suggestion was to raise the speed limit to 80 at night when no work is happening.”


The Hinchinbrook MP said he also had concerns with the quality of works that are nearing practical completion, which has left the Bruce Highway looking and feeling like a ‘patchwork quilt’.


“There are sections of highway between Townsville and Ingham that have recently been completed that look horrendous, they may pass the standard that the Transport Department is willing to accept but I believe motorists deserve more for their money,” he said.


“There are variations in height, dips in the road and in some cases loose sections of asphalt that have caused cracked windscreens and damage to vehicles between Hechts Road to Easter Creek.


“I’m proud of every cent of funding that has been secured for improvement to the Bruce Highway that runs through the Hinchinbrook electorate, and we all should be proud of the finished product. In this case I can’t say I am. If the Government are serious about road safety, then they must get serious about the management of these works”.


Mr Dametto said he would write to the Minister for Main Roads to discuss the complaints he had received on past and current road improvement projects.