Jun 11, 2021


Jun 11, 2021

Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) Leader Robbie Katter is revved up to announce prominent North Queensland business leader Chris Carney, of Mike Carney Motors, as the new National President of the KAP.

Mr Katter said the recruitment of Mr Carney solidified the KAP as the dominant political party in North Queensland, and the only one that has any true allegiance to the region and its values.  

“We want to re-build North Queensland and we need a champion of business in order to do that,” Mr Katter said.

“The KAP is a party to be reckoned with, as we showed with all our elected members’ results in the 2020 State election; especially Nick Dametto who doubled his primary vote in his first term.

“We are not content with resting on our laurels, we intend to grow the KAP across regional Queensland and we are confident that with Chris Carney in the driver’s seat as the KAP President, we are certainly well-placed to achieve this.” 

Mr Carney, who employs close to 200 people in the Townsville region said the KAP represented the only sensible choice to hold the majors accountable to the opinion of the majority of Australians.


“People must understand that the two major parties just govern for the south-east corner of Queensland,” Mr Carney said.


“Voting for KAP will not only benefit the regions, but it will also be good for the whole state.


“Most people think that the way they vote won’t really influence the outcome, but a vote for a well-established, values-based party like the KAP is the most effective way to be heard and have a real influence.”


Seeing the major parties make endless unkept promises, Mr Carney said: “For many years I was a strong supporter of the LNP. However, over the past decade I feel the major parties have departed from their core values and abandoned the average Australian.


“The majors have engaged in pointless politics that doesn’t build the nation or better the daily life of the majority of Australians – I feel they have betrayed the public and the nation. 


“We need to focus on a strong self-reliant Australia with a return to nation building, this will be the most effective way to improve the situation of all Australians.


Mr Katter said Mr Carney would bring a strategic and focused approach to the KAP.


“Just as he has helped grown Mike Carney Motors, he will grow the KAP to be the third force in Queensland politics,” he said.


“North Queensland and also the regions can be highly confident they have genuine alternative to the two Brisbane-based major parties, who we know would both sell their souls in the North to shore-up votes in inner-city Brisbane as quickly as they would look at you.”


Chris Carney biography

Born in Townsville in 1980 to Mike and Lynn Carney, the family moved to Charters Towers in late 1982 to run a automotive dealership. The family invested everything in this venture and Chris spent his early time in Charters Towers, living in a camper trailer in the backyard of one of the local police officers. 


The family relocated to Townsville in 1987 with the opportunity for Mike to take over a dealership and create the business ‘Mike Carney Motors’.


Chris attended school at Ryan Catholic College completing year 12 in 1996 and commenced work in the family business in the role of store man. 


Over the next few years Chris progressed through various roles within the business including managing the transition into the digital age, relocating to Ingham to manage the purchase of another automotive dealership and creating a 4×4 accessory business from scratch.


Chris’ father Mike was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014 and by 2016 the prognosis was not positive.  Chris took control of the family business in early 2016, allowing his father to focus on his treatment. 


The business suffered a catastrophic dealership fire in 2016 and Chris, new to the helm, had to personally manage the business response and recovery.


In 2017, Mike lost his battle with cancer and Chris took over all of the family interests at the age of 37. 


For Chris’ entire professional career, he has pushed resilience and innovation, holding many positions on industry boards and committees. Chris leads industry changing programs within his business, with a drive to be the very best in everything the business does. Chris is a strong and visionary leader with long term strategic thinking. Chris has a genuine care which shines through for his staff, customers and community.  


Chris’ business portfolio has close to 200 employees.