Charters Towers Free of Flying Fox

Oct 14, 2022

Charters Towers Free of Flying Fox

Oct 14, 2022

The Charters Towers Regional Council has invested in the help of Biodiversity Australia to try and get on top of their flying fox problems once and for all.


Biodiversity Australia are a specialist environmental management group, with a high success rate when it comes to flying fox relocation.


Katter’s Australian Party leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter has spent time with biodiversity Australia in the past week since the commencement of the relocation, seeing firsthand what is being done to finally combat this issue.


“I am understanding of the disturbance this relocation attempt has had on the community in the last week since the commencement of the project”, said Mr Katter.


“Lound noise, smoke and lighting activities are all techniques being used as part of the relocation, but we have been crying out for a solution in this town for many years now and we must be thankful that we are seeing some action.


“Over the weekend I got to take my plane up, part taking in reconnaissance with the operators of Biodiversity Australia.


“Biodiversity Australia have confirmed that all bats have been moved on from Lissner Park in Charters Towers, and will now continue to roost outside of town until the relocation is recommenced early next year to move them further along.


“This is a hopeful sign that we have unlocked the code to dealing with this large problem that Charters Towers community has been faced with for decades now.


“There’s no doubt that this problem is not fixed forever”, Mr Katter said.


“It will require maintenance in future to ensure the community continues to remain free of flying foxes.


“I must give my sincere thanks to Biodiversity Australia, for their competence and professionalism whilst undertaking this project.


“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel now, Charters Towers may very well get their town back.