Feb 23, 2023


Feb 23, 2023

Member for Hill Shane Knuth has today hit out at the State Government for their lack of urgency towards the growing risk of crocodile attacks and sightings in the Far North, likening it to their apathy on youth crime.

“For years the Government has known that youth crime is a massive issue in the regions, yet they ignored the pleas from the community for action.”

“The Government has been dragged kicking and screaming to parliament by Queenslanders and forced to make changes to youth crime laws, however it’s too little and too late.

“I can the same apathy towards taking action on crocodile numbers and attacks by this Government.”

Mr Knuth said the KAP has submitted their Safer waterways Bill twice now with the Government and opposition both voting against changes to the management of crocodiles.

“Our Bill would implement sensible controls on the management of crocodile numbers, including the establishment of a Queensland Crocodile Authority in Cairns, increased ranger numbers, egg harvesting initiatives for indigenous people and a zero tolerance on ANY crocodile in ANY populated beach or waterway.”

Mr Knuth’s renewed calls for better management of crocodiles, follows news this week of a crocodile sighting on a street in Ingham and a crocodile dragging a man into the water south of Cooktown.

“These incidents are on the rise and I am receiving constant feedback from fishermen, water recreational users and Queensland Life Saving on increased crocodile activity on beaches and inland waterways in populated areas.”

Member for Hinchinbrook Nick Dametto said he is sick and tired of the Governments response of putting up a sign to be Croc Wise.

“I guess the Government will put up a sign in the main street of Ingham now,” said Mr Dametto.

“You can bet if there was a 2.5metre crocodile on a street in Brisbane they would call out the army reserves. The Government are again taking regional Queenslander’s for fools and enough is enough.”