Decorated community leader is Katter’s Australian Party candidate for the “Forgotten Electorate”

May 10, 2024

THE Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) has announced Duane Amos, a decorated police officer and community leader, as its candidate for the electorate of Cook in the October 2024 State election.

Born in North Queensland, the Far North has been in ‘Mossy’s’ blood throughout his many endeavours.

From an operational member of the Royal Australian Air Force, starting his own agricultural small business, to a decorated policing career, Mr Amos has been a passionate advocate for his family, his community, and for Far North Queensland. [1]

Mr Amos’ policing career has seen him become a recognised community leader, advocate, and servant in Cook communities such as Cairns, Innisfail, Weipa, Kowanyama, and most recently Aurukun.

Appointed in January 2020, Mr Amos served as the Director General’s Senior Officer, leading the Community Recovery Response in Cairns and Aurukun. Reporting directly to the Deputy Commissioner and Director General, he moved to Aurukun to lead and realign the service delivery model of all agencies, through coordination with the 130 service providers, such as education, health, and employment.

Like many Far North residents, Mr Amos and his family have not been immune to the devastating impact of extreme weather events, with their residence severely damaged by Cylone Larry in 2006.  This did not stifle his energetic community spirit – tirelessly helping others, while living in a caravan with his family and leading the Community Recovery Response.

KAP Leader Robbie Katter said Mr Amos’ dedication to his community, and passion was second to none.

“Duane is the type who just rolls up his sleeves and gets it done.  Be it recovery from a natural disaster or hooking in and understanding just what needs doing in our First Australian Communities, ‘Mossy’ gets it done.

“I was not surprised when I first heard that Duane is a National Police Service Medal recipient, National Emergency Medal recipient, as well as a recipient of the Australian Crime and Violence Protection Award for ‘Achieving through adversity – Policing Indigenous Youth’, and they’re only the headlines!” Mr Katter said.

Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter said, “I first met Duane during the Cyclone Larry recovery, and this bloke was so busy helping everyone else that he never stopped long enough to be given his feed for the evening.”

KAP MPs serve in two electorates adjacent to Cook, and there is overlap with the federal electorate of Kennedy, held by Bob Katter.

Outside of policing, Mr Amos operates a successful agricultural small business, employing local North Queenslanders.

The small business services banana growers in Tully, Innisfail and Mareeba, as well as poultry farms, commercial and industrial cleaning, maintenance and the restorations of historical houses including See Poy House at Innisfail.

Speaking about the people he’s so passionate about, Mr Amos said he knew that the people of Cook deserve real representation down in Brisbane.

“The people I talk to are sick and tired of being forgotten about by Brisbane, and many wouldn’t know who their representative is!” Mr Amos said.

“I am excited about the opportunity to bring real Far North Queensland ideas and solutions to the parliament; solutions that I have watched the KAP strongly advocate for, for many years.

“During my many years in First Australian Communities, and right throughout the Cape, I have found myself cheering on the KAP in their pursuit of Relocation Sentencing for juvenile crime to get kids back to country, calling out the Brisbane-caused cost of living crisis, and strong resilient rural communities.

“I am honoured to be successful in being endorsed as the KAP’s candidate for Cook – to give the people of the Cape a real alternative to so-called locals who are really just puppets directed from Brisbane.” Mr Amos said.

KAP Leader Robbie Katter said he was thrilled that the party had endorsed such a strong champion of the Far North.

“When I go to Brisbane and hear the current Brisbane party members for North Queensland trotting out their HQ directed talking points, it makes my skin crawl.” Mr Katter said.

“The people of Cook are ready, and they deserve better! They deserve a real advocate for local issues – not the issues that Brisbane HQ determine are the flavour of the month.”

“I’ve come to know Mossy and his passion for Far North Queensland, and I truly believe the people of Cook have a genuine opportunity to have a real voice to Brisbane – and that’s Duane Amos,” Mr Katter said.

[1] Confirmation of AFD and QPS credentials available on request.