Defence was a ‘wokie crusade for gender equality’: Katter on ADF chief’s exit

Apr 9, 2024

KENNEDY MP Bob Katter has welcomed news of the replacement of the head of the Australian Defence Force, labelling the outgoing chief’s tenure as the worst in history, while sharing his advice with the incoming head.

The Prime Minister on Tuesday said he would be recommending Vice Admiral David Johnston to serve as the new chief of the Australian Defence Force, replacing Angus Campbell in July.

While Mr Katter agreed with the change, he said he could not agree with any praise for the outgoing chief who was in the top job since 2018.

“In that period we’ve seen our recruitment and retention numbers dwindle,” Mr Katter said.

“We’ve seen men who fight for this country, battle in war, be persecuted in trials by media and have no support from their leader.

“He presided over the worst period in Australian military history; the expenditure of over $40bn without buying a single rifle or missile.

“He wanted half the army to be women. And because of his own personality, I think that was an extremely suitable policy for him.

“The people that put him there and kept him there, some day, the people of Australia will spit on your graves. You disarmed my country, and turned the most important function of government, the protection of its people, into a wokie crusade for gender equality.”

Mr Katter said his message to the incoming chief was simple – defend this country.

“A missile fortress wall, a hail storm of artillery shells and every boy and girl in secondary school trained to use a combat rifle.

“Now, if you think the bad guys get the firearms, no, because when they go up on charges – they lose their rifle. So they’re unarmed, and they face very serious penalties.

“So the way this works out – the good guys have the ability to defend themselves and if necessary, their country.”