Doomadgee Mayor Jason Ned tribute – Bob Katter

Jul 23, 2023

Katter’s Australian Party MP and long-term friend of Doomadgee Mayor Jason Ned Bob Katter said he was shocked and struggling to “get over the news” of Cr Ned’s death.

“So much was centered around Jason,” Mr Katter said.

“This is a bloke that ran the camps for one of the biggest cattle operations in Australia, he mustered over 70,000 head of cattle a year, he was head stockman.

“There are few people in Australian history that have been responsible for mustering 70,000 head of cattle.’

Mr Katter said Cr Ned was spearheading the fight to get land ownership off the state and federal governments, “who control all of the Aboriginal lands in Queensland.”

“First Australians can’t get a freehold title, what use is the land to them. He was leading that fight.

“He was an outstanding five-eighth in the heyday of the Midwest rugby league competition where Doomadgee won four premierships.

“He has been a great leader and will be a colossal loss to every single person in Australia.

“A tragedy of monumental proportions, but I know Jesus will welcome him home – a good faithful servant.”