Electing KAP will put Townsville on the map

Apr 10, 2022

Electing KAP will put Townsville on the map

Apr 10, 2022

KATTER’S Australian Party (KAP) candidate for Herbert, Clynton Hawks, says voters in Townsville have a stark choice between being on the national stage, or three more years of being ignored, when they cast their ballots in this May’s federal election. 

“Voters know what they are getting with the Katter’s Australian Party.  We put our electorates on the map.” 

Mr Hawks said the pre-election campaigning by the major parties shows what most people in Townsville already know—that the major parties don’t really care about them, or even their vote. 

“The leaders of the LNP and Labor came to the electorate of Herbert and on camera with the local candidates nodding behind them, made announcements relating to another electorate. 

“The Prime Minister made it plain and clear that he is more interested in trying to keep Bob Katter onside, than promoting the election hopes of the current member for Herbert. 

“The Prime Minister could have come here and made announcements relating to health care, youth crime, the disaster that is the NDIS, or cuts to pensions in real terms. 

“He could have committed to solving the rental housing crisis in the area, or addressing anxieties about the rising cost of living in north Queensland, all things of importance to the people of Townsville. 

“Instead he promised sweet nothings to an opposition MP in another electorate. 

“It was a staggering and humiliating mis-calculation by the LNP.” 

Mr Hawks said Labor was sadly already signalling how irrelevant they think Townsville is, with their one and only announcement for the city relating to an unserviced industrial wasteland 40 kms out town. 

“Labor could have supported developing the port access road, rail up-grades or in-fill greenfield sites on the port’s fringe, or even the southern access corridor.” 

Mr Hawks said the residents of Townsville deserve better than to be pawns in a game of political charades. 

“To the ALP and LNP, Herbert’s just another seat to win.   

“To me, it’s my home.”