Fight for Christianity goes on – Bob Katter

Feb 25, 2022

Fight for Christianity goes on – Bob Katter

Feb 25, 2022

Dear Editor,

            For the past two decades we have witnessed the persecution of Christians in Australia.

The head of the Anglican Church (Peter Hollingworth), the head of the Catholic Church (George Pell) and the most prominent spokesman for the evangelicals (Israel Folau), were all viciously attacked and removed.

Your head must’ve been buried in the sand to not see what is going on here. People who have some peculiar moral views on conduct are determined to destroy us, and really, they are running with the majority.

The Federal Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill was a feeble effort to protect religion. It is a reflection upon the Liberals, that Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg, who both have strong belief in the Almighty, were unable to dragoon some of their own mob who are actually a part of the massed armies attacking Christianity.

Who abolished slavery? Christians did. Who secured civil rights in America? The Christians did. Who protected Europe? The Christians did. Who freed Europe from the terror inflicted on them by the Ottomans and Tamerlane? The Christians did.

Archbishop Langton forced a monarch to recognise that people have rights through the signing of the Magna Carta.

Religion is a positive for humanity. 

This modern attack on Christianity is just starting. We’ve seen the first skirmishes. The Religious Discrimination Bill has become a stalemate, and we didn’t get any protection for Christians, Christian businesses, or Christian schools.

Regards, Bob Katter, Kennedy MP.