Government needs to get real about clean energy

Oct 14, 2022

Government needs to get real about clean energy

Oct 14, 2022

Member for Hill Shane Knuth has used State Parliament to put the Tully Millstream Hydro Electric Project back on the viable clean energy agenda after the State Government announced their $62 billion Energy plan.


Mr Knuth said the Tully Millstream Hydro project, which would provide 600 megawatts of power generation, capacity to power 100,000 homes and save $600million in energy transmission loses which far outweighs all the projects announced in cost and efficiency.


He said project had already started with a tunnel being constructed however weak politics put a stop to it.


“Tully Millstream is a viable project which was pre-approved back in 1988 and had this project commenced there would be no need for one single windfarm in North Queensland,” Mr Knuth said.

“The KAP has pushed clean energy projects that stack up as part of the state’s energy mix, alongside coal, nuclear, cogeneration, algae ponds, ethanol, and biofuels.


“KAP has just introduced the Liquid Fuel Supply (Minimum Biobased Petrol Content) Amendment Bill 2022 which includes a 4 per cent mandate for ethanol.


“Queenslanders are used to big promises from this Government but no action when it comes to delivery on energy.”  


Mr Knuth said the Tully Hydro project went through a 5-year long feasibility study before the recommendation to build but not a pick or shovel has been lifted since.


“In 2017, I put a motion before the house to call for the construction of the Tully Millstream Hydro project, which was passed, but again nothing has happened,” he said.


The Member for Hill also pointed out the Copperstring project, which has been proposed and supported by the KAP.


“Member for Traegar, Robbie Katter has been outspoken on this project for a number of years. It is also shovel ready, but again is missing from the Premiers glossy brochure,” he said.


“This project has the potential to halve the cost of energy in Queensland, break the monopoly on energy supply and unlock $740 billion in minerals in the mid-west.


“If the Government is serious on green energy, then get these projects underway immediately instead of big promises and little detail on how the $62billion will be funded.” 

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