If China wants a good belt, I’ll take ‘em out the back of the Hughenden pub!

Apr 22, 2021

If China wants a good belt, I’ll take ‘em out the back of the Hughenden pub!

Apr 22, 2021

BOB Katter, Member for Kennedy has applauded the Federal Government for ripping up the Victorian Belt and Road contract with China and urges them to lock onto the Port of Darwin as their next target.

He said it’s about time we woke up to ourselves and took back Australia.

“The Port of Darwin should absolutely and imperatively be taken back,” he said. 

“Anyone that would give away their only ‘non-coal loading’ Panamax Port in the northern half of the continent to a foreign power has committed treason.

“A people without land will search for a land without people and China might feel singled out but that’s not the point. It’s not anti-Chinese. It’s against foreign ownership.

“This should serve as a serious warning to politicians. When Tony Abbott led the standing ovation for Andrew Robb in the Parliament having just signed the Free Trade Agreement with China, I said, “he has signed his death warrant, he’ll be gone in six months. And then he was gone.”

“Andrew Robb is the person who will be remembered for selling the Port of Darwin to China.

“The farcical nature of these free trade agreements is now flashing in neon lights. Free trade conditions apply just so long as a country wants them to apply. When it doesn’t, they aren’t worth two bob.

“And the people of Australia should know, according to the information I could secure, China owns 42 per cent of the electricity industry and supplies another 20 per cent with that silly glass people put on their roof.

“All of that glass on your roof is made in China and every time you put that on your roof, you put an Australian person out of work.”

Mr Katter congratulated the Assistant Defence Minister, Andrew Hastie on his comments to Australia’s military that its “core business will always be the application of lethal violence in the defence of our values, sovereignty and interests.”

“We should never forget that” he warned. “And I would plead with the Defence Minister and Government to get China out of our information centres as soon as humanly possible. If you’ve got to kick them out and start again, that is a very small price to be paid and the people responsible for allowing this in the first place need to be sacked.

“Let’s get serious about protecting the wonderful country that we have and let’s restore it to a country where we have a sensible modicum of self-sufficiency and ownership.”