KAP celebrate successful stem cell events

Aug 2, 2023

Katter’s Australian Party MP’s Shane Knuth and Bob Katter have teamed up with Strength to Give and local rugby league teams to promote and encourage locals to register for the stem cell donor register.

A bone marrow transplant, also called a stem cell transplant, treats certain types of cancer, such as leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma, and other blood and immune system diseases that affect the bone marrow.

Member for Hill Shane Knuth thanked all of those that were involved and registered.

“Over 6,000 Australian’s die every year from blood cancer and over 80 per cent of the bone marrow donors come from overseas,” Mr Knuth said.

“We need more Australian donors.

“It was great to team up with the Tully Tigers and Innisfail Leprechauns to help bring awareness to the need to build Strength to Give, Australia’s stem cell donor register.

“Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer and a simple cheek swab and being on the register can help save someone’s life.”

KAP MP for Kennedy Bob Katter said he thanked the Strength to Give team for travelling to North Queensland to help boost awareness and donor numbers for its registry, and was even more thankful to those who participated, including the two local rugby league clubs.

But he said there was a long way to go before both he and the registry could be satisfied with Australia’s donor numbers.

“We want and need to grow the registry to over 1 million donors,” Mr Katter said.

“Thousands of Australians are dying from blood cancer every year, meanwhile, the registry is shrinking.

“It’s not a difficult process to do a cheek swab, you can have a kit delivered to your house and it only takes a few quick minutes.”

Tully Tigers president Anothony Emmi said the Tigers were honoured to be a part of promoting the stem cell donor registry.

“Cancer is something that affects everyone and anything the Tully Tigers can do to help fight cancer, we are happy to do,” Mr Emmi said.

Strength to Give CEO Lisa Smith said they can send a cheek swab kit to your home, and once the lab results are back, you’re are on the registry.

“Should you be a match to someone who needs a stem cell transplant in the future, it’s easier than you think to donate. A few hours of your time can give a lifetime to someone else,” Ms Smith said.

Go to and use the appeal code #teamtigers or #teamleps to register.

KAP encourages anyone between the age of 18 and 35-years-old to register to be a stem cell donor.