KAP in the media this week

Sep 14, 2018

KAP in the media this week

Sep 14, 2018

Read about Katter’s Australian Party’s media mentions and moments from this week, including from radio, newspaper and more.

Katter’s Australian Party

Funding for axed KAP staff (Townsville Bulletin, September 10)
KATTER’S Australian Party supporters have launched a fundraiser for staffers sacked over the party’s refusal to condemn a controversial speech made by Senator Fraser Anning. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk pulled funding for four KAP staff after expressing her outrage at Mr Anning’s immigration speech and his use of the phrase “final solution” which has historically been linked with Nazis.

KAP crowd-funding (September 3, Cairns Post)
KATTER’S Australian Party supporters have launched a fundraiser for the staffers sacked over the party’s refusal to condemn a controversial speech made by Senator Fraser Anning. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk pulled funding for four KAP staff after expressing her outrage at Mr Anning’s speech and his use of the phrase “final solution” which has historically been linked with Nazis. A GoFundMe page has been set up seeking $5000 in donations to help the four. As of yesterday evening, $150 had been raised.

Katters pass round plate (Courier Mail, September 10)
KATTER’S Australian Party supporters have launched a fundraiser for staffers sacked over the party’s refusal to condemn a controversial speech by Senator Fraser Anning. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk pulled funding for four KAP staff after expressing outrage at Mr Anning’s immigration speech and his use of the phrase “final solution” which has historically been linked with Nazis.

KAP staff cut a bad look (Sunday Mail Brisbane, September 9)
ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk won praise on the floor of Labor State Conference last week when she declared she would be stripping State Parliament’s three Katter’s Australian Party MPs of resources. They had refused to denounce KAP Senator Fraser Anning over his final solution speech so she would denounce them.

4CA AM, Cairns, John Mackenzie at 11:32
Caller Karen says she just had a phone call telling her that her computer has been compromised, claiming they are from Telstra. MacKenzie remarks some people get this kind of calls a day. Meanwhile, Karen notes reports say Labor wants to launch rockets into the atmosphere for a space station. Karen then raises question on what about the dams, roads infrastructure, and the ‘mistreatment’ toward the Katter Party.

ABC Radio Brisbane, Brisbane/Townsville 07:45 News at 07:51
Four Katter’s Australian Party staff are losing their jobs today over controversial comments made by Federal Senator Fraser Anning. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has withdrawn extra staff resources that she gave state KAP MPs after they refused to denounce Anning’s speech. The KAP has referred the Premier to the CCC over the decision and terminated staff will complain to the Fair Work Commission. Minister Mark Bailey says the Party could have avoided it.

104.9 Sunshine FM, Sunshine Coast, 07:30 AIR News Qld Edition at 07:31
Heated scenes have erupted outside State Parliament yesterday. Protestors have confronted Katter’s Australian Party members, stating some of its MPs were racists. KAP Federal Leader Bob Katter has stopped the press conference to address chants of ‘Muslims are welcome. Anning is not’ in response to KAP Senator Fraser Anning’s call on a ban Muslim immigration. State MP Shane Knuth has threatened the demonstrators following the incident.

ABC Far North, , Cairns, Breakfast at 07:16
Shorey plays an excerpt from the protest that interrupted Katter’s Australia Party’s press conference yesterday, where they were discussing the loss of four jobs today after the Premier withdrew extra resources when the MPs refused to denounce the comments made by Senator Fraser Anning in his maiden speech. He then plays an audio of Brad Tassell, who’s one of the staffers losing his job. Tassell says he and the three other staffers losing their jobs work extremely hard to represent the people of North Qld in issues important for the regions. He notes he’s born and bred in North Qld so he’s very close to the issues in the area. He shares it was pretty disappointing for him to hear about the job cut through a tweet from Sarah Vogler while he was on holiday on the Birdsville Races. He suggests they’re the victims in the situation.

KAP treated most unfairly (Townsville Bulletin, September 11)
AGAIN we see the self-serving Labor and LNP parliament indiscriminately bullying the people of North Queensland, the people who voted for the Katter’s Australian Party and those who did not, by taking away staff resources to make the KAP less of a threat at the next election. KAP represents three North Queensland state seats and one federal, and has one senator.

Focus on city votes deepens bush pain (Courier Mail, September 11)
WHEN Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk talks about how she won’t divide Queensland by introducing daylight saving, she’s already created a schism. Her treatment of Katter’s Australian Party – stripping it of its staffing quota – robs 100,000 people in the bush of better quality representation.

4BC, Brisbane, 18:00 News at 18:04
The Katter’s Australian Party has launched an appeal for donations after four of its staff by the state government. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk removed the extra staff after the KAP refused to denounce Senator Fraser Anning’s ‘Final Solution’ speech.

Disgusting Comparison (Herbert River Express – Dametto)
E. HUDDY’S disgusting slur equating Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) to the Ku Klux Klan over crocodile management (Herbert River Express, September 5) is absolutely unacceptable. Mr Huddy was completely out of line in comparing the KAP, our party founder Bob Katter, Traeger MP Robbie Katter and Hill MP Shane Knuth to such a vile, racist organisation.

Deb strikes back after Katter refers her to the CCC (South Burnett Times, September 14)
DEB Frecklington has hit back at Katter’s Australian Party after they referred her and fellow LNP members to the Crime and Corruption Commission. LNP Opposition Leader and Member for Nanango Ms Frecklington, along with her deputy Tim Mander and Warrego MP Ann Leahy, and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, was referred to the CCC on Monday, September 3, following KAP losing funding for four of their staff members.

Major parties’ KAP bias is blatant and shameful (Townsville Bulletin, September 14)
IN HER letter regarding Katter’s Australian Party (TB, 11/9), Sandra Chesney has raised valid criticism of the ALP/LNP for their abject bias regarding the three KAP representatives in government (probably the only state MPs really fully representing their respective electorates) and the disdain shown for voters living in country North Queensland. I have no doubt the powers that be will have second thoughts about this decision. 

Bob Katter – Federal Member for Kennedy

Power 100, Townsville, 07:00 News at 07:01
Protesters have clashed with Bob Katter and Fraser Anning at a press conference outside Qld Parliament. The Katter’s Australian Party MPs were holding a press conference to criticise Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s decision to cut some of the party’s staff in Qld. When they were interrupted, the protesters hit out at Anning’s controversial speech to Federal Parliament in which he referenced the ‘final solution.’

Live exports support (Cairns Post, September 12)
KENNEDY MP Bob Katter has delivered a speech to federal Parliament in an effort to block a debate and vote on banning live sheep exports. He instead called for export boats to be properly staffed with animal welfare officers. “If you want to fix it up . you should be calling upon the Government to properly police what is going on,” he said.

Grant win for Tablelands to honour heroes (Atherton Tablelander, September 11)
KATTER’S Australian Party Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has thanked the Tablelands Regional Council and all the wonderful people who worked so ‘tenaciously’ to secure a $20,000 grant under the Armistice Centenary Grants Program. The grants program is for community-based projects and activities that will commemorate the end of World War I and pay tribute to our Australian servicemen and women.

2SM, Sydney, 16:00 News at 16:02
Katter’s Australian Party leader Bob Katter has criticised current events in Parliament claiming Australians are fed up with the major parties. He also voted against the push to debate and vote on appeal to ban live exporting.

Get on with it: Katter (Northern Miner)
KENNEDY MP Bob Katter has called upon the Federal Government to quit with the petty politics and get on with governing the country. Mr Katter this week said politicking was interfering with real development opportunities as government after government made promises but failed to follow through for the North.

Fraser Anning – Senator for Queensland

Editorial (North West Star, September 8)
THE row between the Queensland government and the Katter’s Australian Party over Senator Fraser Anning’s maiden parliamentary speech is getting seriously out of control. Senator Anning sits in the federal parliament in Canberra and therefore in theory has absolutely nothing to do with what happens in George St.

Angry students confront Katters (North West Star)
HEATED scenes erupted outside Queensland parliament last week with protesters confronting Katter’s Australian Party members and branding some of its MPs racists. KAP federal leader and senator Bob Katter stopped a press conference to address chants of “Muslims are welcome, Anning is not” in response to KAP senator Fraser Anning’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration.

Robbie Katter – State Member for Traeger

KAP refers Premier to CCC (North West Star, September 8)
KAP State Leader and member for Traeger Robbie Katter has referred Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to ‘the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission following her decision to strip the KAP of four staff. “On Tuesday I sent a letter to the CCC asking them to formally investigate the matter,” Mr Katter said.

Zinc 666,  Mt Isa, 06:30 News at 06:35
Traeger MP Rob Katter is surveying Charters Towers residents on further the local hospital needs to be improved or replaced, as well as thoughts on maternity and dialysis services.

Power 100, , Townsville, 07:00 News at 07:01
A Katter’s Australian Party Go Fund Me page that was started on the weekend in aid of the four of the party staff that was sacked by the Qld Premier has close to $2,500. The donation page was created by Robbie Katter, who says the staffers lost their jobs through no fault of their own. The staff members were dismissed on Friday due to the party backing the immigration plebiscite speech made by Federal KAP Senator Fraser Anning.

Shane Knuth – State Member for Hill

Generosity appreciated (Innisfail Advocate, September 8)
AS president of Innisfail Lioness Club, I’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following community groups and individuals who have supported our drought relief fundraiser which has so far raised $2680: Innisfail Probus Club, Member for Hill Shane Knuth, the Red Cross, Innisfail Lioness market stallholders, May and Jim for raffle prizes, Mark and Darcy Thompson, and the very caring general public. We also want to thank Gazza, Glenn and Jason from 4KZ and the Innisfail Advocate for promoting the launch of our drought relief campaign at the Lioness Club Market Day in Anzac Park.

Party’s sticker push (Country News insert, September 11)
Katter’s Australian Party MPs in Queensland will try once again to legislate nonmandatory price-signalling logos on milk amid a push from the state’s dairy farmers for a levy to help farmers gripped by drought. Hill MP Shane Knuth last week said he would amend and then reintroduce legislation that failed to gain traction when introduced to Queensland Parliament in 2016.

Locals best placed to fix roads (Atherton Tablelander, September 11)
THE results of the review into the Millaa Millaa-Atherton Rd was no surprise and showed that local contractors should be employed according to KAP member for Hill Shane Knuth. Mr Knuth said the report was something that they already knew.

Fighting for a fair milk price (QLD Country Life/North Queensland Register)
MILK should be clearly labelled to indicate that farmers are getting a fair price for their product at the farm gate, according to a north Queensland MP. Hill MP, Shane Knuth said he would reintroduce Katter’s Australian Party’s Sustainable Queensland Dairy Production (Fair Milk Logo) Bill into Queensland Parliament in a bid to help the struggling dairy industry.

Nick Dametto – State Member for Hinchinbrook

Problem not going away (Innisfail Advocate, September 12)
LAST month marked an important step in the debate over crocodile management with four regional hearings on Katter’s Australian Party’s Safer Waterways Bill. These hearings provided an opportunity for North Queenslanders, including those in Hinchinbrook, to have their say on not just our Bill but the problems posed by what is an exploding number of crocodiles in the region.

PC speak in Dametto’s sights (Herbert River Express, September 12)
HINCHINBROOK MP Nick Dametto has urged the community to get behind a new bill to protect people from using common sense gender pronouns in the workplace. The Katter’s Australian Party MP said a continuous assault on every day language by what he termed “the political correctness brigade” had forced them to develop the Anti-Discrimination and Other Legislation (Right to Use Gender-Specific Language) Amendment Act 2018, otherwise known as the “He Said-She Said” Bill.

ABC Far North, Cairns/Townsville 07:30 News at 07:32
The Katter’s Australian Party says the government needs to set aside an extra $100,000 annually to address feral pig control in the Hinchinbrook Shire. North Qld MP Nick Dametto raised the issue in parliament after finding out the money allocated to management were only handed to the Cassowary Coast. According to Dametto, it’s disappointing that the region hasn’t been considered.

KAP seeks to revive biofuel project (Townsville Bulletin, September 14)
A STALLED biofuel project in North Queensland could be a “game changer” in the energy market if it can get enough support, says the Katter’s Australian Party. KAP Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto has called on the State Government to help restart the now shelved $640 million North Queensland Bio-Energy plant in Ingham.

Nick Dametto, weekly media wrap up;

–  Publicly supported naming the newly opened Cattle Creek bridge after the late Marc Rowell, the former Member for Hinchinbrook, in Wednesday’s Herbert River Express.

–  Spoke out against political correctness  and promoted Katter’s Australian Party’s upcoming “He Said-She Said” Bill which will protect individuals and business using long-accepted gender-specific pronouns in the workplace in Wednesday’s Herbert River Express.

–  Defended the KAP in a letter to the editor in response to a previous letter from a local resident who made a disgusting and grossly misinformed attack on the party by comparing it to the Ku Klux Klan in Wednesday’s Herbert River Express.

–  Gave an update on Katter’s Australian Party’s Safer Waterways Bill in his monthly column in Wednesday’s Innisfail Advocate

–  Called on Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to support North Queensland’s biofuel industry by backing the proposed $640 million North Queensland Bio Energy plant near Ingham in Friday’s Townsville Bulletin.

–  Featured on ABC radio to speak about feral Brumbies at Bluewater and potential damage done by recent fires to fences erected by Transport and Main Roads as well provide an update on his call for State Govt funding to combat feral pigs in Hinchinbrook.

Dan McCarthy – KAP Candidate for Leichhardt

Call for Burke Development Rd to be fixed for safety (Atherton Tablelander, September 11)
KATTER’S Australian Party Member for Leichardt Daniel McCarthy is calling for the Burke Development Rd to be properly repaired. Mr McCathy said triple road trains carrying gravel to Kowanyama from a local quarry over the past month had destroyed the soft clay loam road surface.

Rob Loughnan – KAP Candidate for Warrego

Loughnan responds (Western Star, September 14)
In your cover story on Tuesday, Member for Warrego Anne Leahy was quoted as saying ‘the tension between myself and the Katter party was borne during he last election.’ That admission does more than anything else to help explain her somewhat obsessive commentary on Robby Katter and the KAP. Most recently her pious attack on Senator Fraser Anning’s maiden speech resulted in the sacking of four electoral staff from KAP offices.