KAP Relocation Policy STOLEN and CLAIMED by Federal Coalition

Mar 15, 2024

It’s taken seven years for the Federal Coalition to endorse our Relocation, Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter has said.

“There’s no greater proof that a policy is the best one, then when both Liberal and Labor, both endorse it” he said.

Seven years ago, KAP released the Relocation Sentencing Policy, calling for youth offenders to be detained in the outback.

“We have been tirelessly pursuing the adoption of our North Queensland developed policy, knowing that it is the most effective tool to arrest the youth crime crisis” Mr Katter said.

“The biggest question that remains is whether Steven Miles and David Crisafulli will commit to take the lead from the Federal Coalition and implement the KAP policy.

“Youth crime has spiralled out of control, and tinkering around the edges hasn’t made a skerrick of difference.

“The answer has been staring them in the face!” Mr Katter said.

The term ‘Buje-ka’ is a First Australian term meaning banishment, a form of punishment administered to those who broke the rules or tribal laws of the time.

“It is gratifying to see that our policy, born in North Queensland has been finally recognised” Traeger MP Robbie Katter said.

“We need to break the insidious cycle of youth crime, and we know how to do it.  The First Australians have practiced the concepts in the KAP policy for eons.

“Relocating youth offenders – taking them out of their own environment – is the only way to deliver meaningful and lasting outcomes.

“Relocation, minimum mandatory sentencing, and removal of detention as a last resort.  It’s as basic as that!

“Steven Miles and David Crisafulli, must commit to implement the KAP policy in full if Queensland has any hope of reigning in this plague of youth crime.”

“The hope of the KAP is that the ALP’s support is not just a media stunt to look like they are doing something without effectively following through.  And in the case of the LNP, trickery of the Federal component saying one thing and the state saying another.”

Photo: Robbie Katter MP at Mount Isa Courthouse