Katter calls for immigration cuts after Ipswich fatal stabbing

Feb 6, 2024

PARENTS must be protected for disciplining their children and Australians must be given the right to bear arms and protect themselves, their property and their homes, Katter’s Australian Party MP Bob Katter says in the wake of the tragic fatal stabbing of an Ipswich grandmother.

Further, Mr Katter said the alleged murder in Ipswich, which was being reported as involving foreigners, highlighted the need for Australia to revisit its immigration intakes and policies.

“We’ve got many foreign delinquents all over this country causing trouble. This is in a country where the government has said we are 55,000 houses short, they are bringing half a million extra people who will stay in this country for good,” Mr Katter said.

“Preference for migration has to come from countries with democracy, egalitarian traditions rule of law, Christian principles and industrial awards. If they don’t have those things, they don’t come to this country.

“How much clearer does it need to get in this country – there are gangs running amok in Melbourne, there are people attending rallies yelling ‘gas the Jews,’ and these are the sorts of people we keep bringing into this country.

“So immediately we’re calling for not only the migrant intake to be cut in half, but also student intake down two-thirds. Universities are just visa shops and their intake should be reduced to genuine students only.

“So we’ll be moving along those lines as parliament resumes and if no one seconds us, or votes for it, fine. We’ll send a letter to every local authority in their electorate advising them their member wouldn’t vote for it.”

Mr Katter said the nation also needed to look beyond its “wokie ideologies” and give parents the right to discipline their children, as youth crime continues to grip the state of Queensland.

“Queensland is one of the most restrictive states on earth – we are far from a ‘free country’.

“If you discipline your kids and teach them some manners, the police will have you up on charges.

“And if you try and defend yourself from offenders, the police will have you up on charges.

“We just need restoration of our rights. The Magna Carta gives us the right to bear arms, to protect our selves and our property.”