Katter & Christensen move to force Darwin Port sale

Jun 24, 2021

Katter & Christensen move to force Darwin Port sale

Jun 24, 2021

A RESOLUTION calling on the Federal Government to take steps to force the immediate sale of the Port of Darwin to an Australian-owned company, has been debated in federal parliament.

 The resolution was introduced by Kennedy MP, Bob Katter, and seconded by Dawson MP, George Christensen, who are ramping up pressure on the Government to act on an issue that they see as a major national security and sovereignty concern.

In May it was announced that the Defence Department would conduct a review of the 99-year Port of Darwin lease with the Chinese-owned company Landbridge, but Mr Katter called on the Federal Government to act with haste.

Mr Katter said during his speech that the actions of the Chinese regime in recent years meant that Australian sovereignty had to be prioritised.

“The Chinese dictatorial regime has stripped billions off our trade and spat upon the free trade deal that Andrew Robb and Tony Abbott told us would be so good, “Mr Katter said.

“All because our Prime Minister rightly highlighted that Covid-19came from China and called for an investigation. Beef, coal, grains, seafood, timber, have all been attacked. So, are we going to keep copping it, or fight back?”

“A Chinese diplomat posted a doctored image of an Australian soldier that had slit the throat of a baby to Twitter, and the Chinese media said that Australia should be bombed. We can’t have these people in control of our most strategic port, the Port of Darwin.”

Dawson MP, George Christensen said during his speech that the decision to give the Darwin Port to a Chinese-owned company was a ‘dumb-decision’ regardless of who was in Government at the time.

 “At the end of the day I want this ended and all of the Australian people want this ended,” he said.

“Hopefully once this review is finished the Australian Government will find that this lease is against our national interest and the Government will pull the lever and ensure that Landbridge will have to divest into Australian hands.”