Katter slams WA Govt for releasing gun owner addresses

Mar 27, 2022

Katter slams WA Govt for releasing gun owner addresses

Mar 27, 2022

KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter, says the Western Australian Government[1] is “most irresponsible” in releasing a map which points out every registered gun owner in the state, a move that they defend as being a “crackdown to keep guns from criminals”.

Mr Katter said the complete opposite will now be true and that he is throwing his support 1000 percent behind the Shooters Union and other sporting shooters groups that were condemning the Government for the complete act of stupidity.

“All that the WA Government has done is direct every thief in Australia to every source of firepower in the West. “You couldn’t possibly think of a more criminal irresponsible action,” he said.

“Who is going to stand and defend this country when China or someone else comes to take this empty land off us? All Australians should know that the Federal Government has cracked down on imports of necessitous armaments, and the state government of Western Australia is undertaking an even more ludicrous action.

“The extreme Lilypad left are alive and well in the Liberal party just as much as they are in the Labor party.

“Who is running this country? Certainly not the good guys, the hard left, but the bad guys, the Lily pads.

“And whilst I’m a nobody, I know what Churchill felt like pleading what the nation needed to do for its survival and no one listened to him, so 45 million people died in World War 2. I’m no Churchill, but millions of Australians are thinking what he thought in the late 30s.

“Every person of great wisdom in human history has supported right to bear arms, it’s in the US Constitution, Thomas Jefferson in America, Archbishop Stephen Langton in the Magna Carta. People like the Premier of WA, the Lily-Pad lefties will never be happy until the only people that have rifles are the people in uniforms, and we know what sort of society that is.

“I plead with my fellow Australians, set aside the mainstream political parties. They have bought our nation to the edge of serious calamity.  That is the truth unless you believe that China is a benign, friendly neighbour. I don’t.

“It’s a sad, sad day when they won’t release the address of registered sex offenders that threaten children, but they’ll release a list of responsible, registered gun owners. Utter incomprehensible stupidity,” Mr Katter said.

Shooters Union President, Graham Park, said that the industry was calling for an apology and was pushing for the Minister for the Police to be sacked.

“On Tuesday, March 22, the newspaper The West Australian published a front page with the headline “Connect The Guns”, showing a map of a region of Perth covering Bicton, East Fremantle, Palmyra and Melville with bullet holes scattered all around it,” Mr Park said.

“The bullet holes represent an address where one or more firearms are registered; the subheader reads, “Every bullet hole is a weapon in YOUR suburb”.

“The map has been confirmed as accurate, that it indeed shows real addresses by several people who have contacted the Union. Beaton Firearms in WA have also had an influx of people affected by this looking to store their guns in their facilities amid heightened theft/home invasion concerns.

“The WA Police Minister needs to resign or be sacked over the incident. He has undermined public confidence in the integrity of WAPOL, given the entire state now knows WAPOL will give out the specific details of where every gun in WA is stored if a newspaper wants it.

“If the Police Minister is genuinely so stupid as to think people can’t identify Perth suburbs via something like Google Maps, he clearly isn’t fit for office. At a minimum he should be subject to a vote of no confidence.

“WAPOL need to be the subject to a full investigation and disciplinary proceeding undertakings for providing such specific information to him. I ask the question, why does the Minister need to know exactly where every gun in WA is? And in doing so knowing it was going to be provided to the media.

“There is no way they could reasonably think the “de-identified” maps could not be matched with an actual location. That’s just a cop out,” Mr Park said.