Katter urges Govt to build proposed sea mines in Australia while praising commitment

Jan 24, 2023

Katter urges Govt to build proposed sea mines in Australia while praising commitment

Jan 24, 2023

MEMBER for Kennedy, Bob Katter, has praised the Federal Government for its announcement to fast-track the commission of a $1 billion sea mine program[1] designed to protect Australia’s vast coastline from foreign threats.

Mr Katter said that it was certainly a step toward “fortressing Australia” but warned the Government the sea mines should be built in Australia, and not by Europeans, and that he would write to the Minister to insist sovereign production.

“The missile we most need are these missiles that sit under the water,” Mr Katter said.

“If a Chinese aeroplane can drop off a hundred of these things into our harbours, then Australia would be crippled overnight. But it moves the other way if we brace our border with sea mines to at least protect Australia’s ports and coastline of strategic importance.

“Please God, it is the start of a missile fortress program for Australia. Whether these missiles are delivered from the seabed as mines, or from the back of a truck, or from patrol boats, there is an absolute requirement for around 200,000 in Australia.  Currently, from the advice we have received, it is doubtful if there is even 200 in Australia.

“But if the Europeans wish to supply these sea mines, then they can build the factory here in Australia, and the factory will be owned by Australians.

“As the old moral saying goes, “It is better to teach a man how to fish, then to give him a fish”,  and to quote the leader in the great debate of the Boston Bridge, “If the bridge is built by Americans, then we have the bridge and the money. If it is built by foreigners, we have the bridge, but they have the money.”

Mr Katter also said that Australia should learn from Russia in WWII who converted its factories to building sovereign weapons and artillery.

“Leningrad, the second biggest city in Russia, despite being under siege for the entire war, was never taken by the German war machine, even though it borders Germany. Leningrad had converted their giant factories into making ammunition and machine guns every day.”

Mr Katter said he praised the Federal Government for taking Australia’s defence seriously.

“I want to pay the Federal Government the highest possible commendation,” Mr Katter said.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a government do something good and I’d have to go back to the NDIS or Snowy 2.0 to find a precedent of equal importance.

“I hate to say this, but the last Government spent $4.2 billion on patrol boats and drones[2] that carry no power at all, except for 15 machine guns mounted on the patrol boats. The patrol boats should have been built to take 20 missiles. That would have made them a very formidable weapon indeed.

“So, congratulations to Defence Minister, Richard Marles, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and the Government for doing a very good thing here.

“We have been screaming for a 200,000-missile program for six years, and we haven’t been Robinson Crusoe, so I also thank greatly the people throughout Australia because this pressure has resulted in a commitment to action. Note, not action, a commitment to action.”


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