Katter urges rethink of mandatory vaccinations

Sep 22, 2021

Katter urges rethink of mandatory vaccinations

Sep 22, 2021

One in ten public servants I’ve spoken to in the last few weeks has raised concerns about
mandatory vaccinations.

Having worked with politicians and public servants all of my life, they have a predilection for having power, knowing better than everyone, and telling us what’s good for us .

Democracy is when people tell the rulers what is good for them. A bureaucracy is when the Government tells you what is good for you.

I don’t think anyone has any doubts as to what system is operating here.

Now we have kept our mouths shut about these draconian, authoritarian measures, for nearly two years now.

Under the guise of “looking after us”, they are taking away our rights as human beings.

It is for us, the people, to decide.

They have been entitled to their draconian suspension of freedom and human rights, to see if they can overcome the Covid-19 problem.

But after nearly two years they haven’t overcome the problem, in fact our figures are now worse than where we were a year ago.

Not only have they not overcome the problem, but the problem has worsened.

Now, they are going to impose their will on the 15 or 20 percent of people who refuse to bow when the whip is cracked.

70 to 80 percent of the population will agree to have an immunisation.

The other 20 percent will take their risks, well that’s their choice.

Immunisation will not stop you from getting the disease or propagating the disease.

The argument about overcrowding in the hospitals is a valid argument.

But at 70 or 80 percent of immunisation there will be a lot less deaths, and therefore the
overcrowding argument is no longer justified.

Queensland is on track to hit 70 percent double vaccination of the 16+ population by November 17,[1] and it will hit 80 percent double vaccination by December 8, according to the latest figures and modelling.[2]

Sacking the 20 percent who don’t want to take the vaccination is not the Australian way.