Katter Urges State Government to Mitigate Impact of Summer Weather Outages

Feb 2, 2024

Not enough is being done by the Queensland State government to mitigate the impacts of power disruptions following weather events in North Queensland, Robbie Katter said.

The Leader of the Katter’s Australian Party and Traeger MP said government continues to profiteer off rising insurance premiums while penny-pinching on mitigation to help North Queenslanders.

“Governments continue to pretend that cyclones and flooding are something new we’ve only just learned about.

“They need to switch their focus to mitigating the impact of these pretty normal weather events.

“While we value the existence of post-event hardship payments, they’re a bit like closing the barndoor after the horse has bolted,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter said helping North Queensland residents prepare and weather the inevitable summer storms in North Queensland is a priority while the cyclone season is still going.

“Once the storms go these things slip off the radar, so I am calling on the Premier to act now,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter said subsidies for residents to install backup generators hardwired into the home are one idea to help North Queenslanders prepare for power outages related to weather events.

Mr Katter said the Queensland State Government dabbles in mitigation schemes in the area of crime, and could initiate a generator subsidy scheme along similar lines as the vehicle immobiliser program, which offers $500 subsidies towards the installation of devices to prevent cars from being stolen.

Mr Katter said the State Government collects over $60 million a year on stamp duty on insurance premiums in North Queensland.

The typical cost of hardwiring a generator into a home is about $700, not including the cost of a generator or fuel.

The KAP candidate for Mundingburra Michael Pugh said he saw North Queenslanders suffer through some of the hottest nights of the year in the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Kirrily with some residents experiencing power outages of five days.02022024KAP Candidate For Mundingburra Michael Pugh 1024x683

Residents in other parts of North and Far North Queensland experienced service disruptions of a week or more following Jasper.

“We had the inevitable cries for help over social media that a person needs a continuous supply of oxygen and begging someone to provide them with a generator.

“That’s at the heart-breaking end of the spectrum, but typically you’d just want enough power to keep the fridge on, a light and an air conditioner in the kid’s bedroom to make life a little more bearable during an otherwise pretty intolerable experience.

“Preparedness can lessen the impact of a weather event such as Cyclone Kirrily,  making the recovery easier, and allowing people to more quickly get back to their normal lives,” Mr Pugh said.


Photos: [1] KAP Leader and Member for Traeger, Robbie Katter, with his home generator. [2] KAP Candidate for Mundingburra, Michael Pugh