Katter wants Aussie heroes on national currency, not a British ‘King’ 

Oct 13, 2023

Proud Aussie Bob Katter said there should be a long string of fair dinkum Australians considered for imprinting on national currency, well ahead of a foreign “done-nothing” monarch who inherited power “without lifting a finger.”

“There could be no more un-Australian act then to have a foreigner on our coins,” Mr Katter said.

“Australians do not believe that any one individual is born superior to another. And now we’re affirming this inequality by displaying a man who has done nothing for this country on our coin.

“What a slap in the face to the great heroes of this nation – who built and developed our industries and economies.”

“How about an Australian soldier who has defended this nation; perhaps a soldier who fought along the brutal Kokoda Trail.

“Or, a Kalkadoon warrior, holding a woomera and spear,” Mr Katter said of the First Australians hailing from his homeland – the Mount Isa and Cloncurry region, who fought legendary battles to fend off well-armed settlers.

“Or, one of the greatest visionaries this country has produced – Sir Leo Hielscher – who’s long-lasting economic policies have given him the reputation as the architect of the modern Queensland economy.”

“Finally, how about Dr John Bradfield – one of this nation’s greatest engineers who was in charge of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, designed the city’s initial railway system, built Brisbane’s Story Bridge, multiple dams and of course, had a vision to irrigate inland Queensland by taking a small portion of costal water and creating life west of the Great Dividing Range.”

Mr Katter said “if all else failed” and none of the above options were available, he was willing to pose for a portrait of himself fighting a killer croc.

“That’s still a considerable improvement to an English aristocrat who has only visited Australia on a handful of occasions.”