Katter’s cash rejected at Federal Parliament cafe

Feb 6, 2024

FEDERAL MP Bob Katter’s cash was rejected at Federal Parliament’s Staff Dining Room cafe, denying the North Queenslander from purchasing lunch on the first sitting day of the year.

About 12.30pm, Tuesday the Katter’s Australian Party MP placed his order for fish, rice and vegetables, and upon attempting to make payment with an Australian $50 note, Mr Katter was told by dining room staff ‘the venue did not accept cash’.

While cafe staff did offer Mr Katter his meal free of charge, who he acknowledged were not at fault the Kennedy MP used the opportunity to remind the parliament and its lawmakers of the embarrassing flaw “to not accept Australian legal tender, in the very place, that makes the laws to accept cash as a form of currency.”

“Legal tender means you must accept it, it’s the law,” Mr Katter said.

After attending multiple rallies in recent years fighting against the abolishment of cash, including at local government levels, Mr Katter said it was evident that many Australians did not want, or could not afford to see cash phased out.

“I fight the battle because otherwise all your freedom is gone. The banks will control your life. You can’t buy a loaf of bread without the bank’s permission. The banks will now have complete control of your life.

“And there is another factor I appreciate – in North Queensland, and we’ve seen it recently, we’re having storms and cyclones knocking out our power lines. Your plastic magic won’t work without electricity and without cash you’ll starve, you won’t be able to buy fuel or medication either.”

Mr Katter said he appreciated the Federal Parliament Speaker’s quick response to the cafe cash rejection, who told Mr Katter “we will reverse this policy immediately.”