Katters Sour Over Toxic Water In Regional Towns

Apr 6, 2021

Katters Sour Over Toxic Water In Regional Towns

Apr 6, 2021

Federal MP for Kennedy, Bob Katter, has come out swinging after learning that Dajarra in the State’s North-West has confirmed unsafe levels of uranium in the town water supply.

“I’d like to see if the Premier of Queensland will visit Dajarra and use this water. This has gone on far too long,” Mr Katter said.

With a population of less than 200 people, visiting Dajarra is like stepping back in time and remains an important but often forgotten town.

Mr Katter said the old pub stands deserted in the middle of town as they can no longer afford skyrocketing insurance prices and that electricity is woefully inadequate, cutting out regularly and sometimes taking days to be fixed, this means no water and no mobile phones.

He also said the mobile tower is an outdated 3G monstrosity that is unable to support the people of the town and is no use at all when tourists start coming to the town.

“Now if the water has a contamination, that prevents it being used for human consumption, then another bore will have to be put down. Most of the contaminants in the great artesian aquifer water need to be aerated and earth ponded for a week or more. Coagulation and aeration makes almost all the aquifer water potable,” Mr Katter said.

“That isn’t going to exactly bankrupt that Governments of Queensland or Australia.

“And it is not as if we require Albert Einstein here. There is talk about poisoning and if that’s the case just move the new bore to another site.

“We are not in a third world country. Why is Dajarra being treated like it is?”

Mr Katter said KAP Leader and State Traeger MP Robbie Katter would seek urgent assistance from the Queensland Government in addressing Dajarra’s water issues, and that he had also directed a request through Ken Wyatt to get the question answered today.

Mr Katter Jnr said the water woes were beyond the capacities of the Cloncurry Shire Council to resolve and fund, and that support was desperately needed from the Queensland Government.

He said he would approach State Minister for Water Glenn Butcher for urgent assistance.

“Access to water is a constant challenge for people in these remote parts of the North-West, and in this day and age it simply isn’t acceptable,” he said.

“While we have Labor and the LNP down in Brisbane talking about the Olympic Games, we have been out here who can’t even confidently turn on their taps.

“No water half the time, the power out every other day and the pub can’t even stay open due to the astronomical costs for even the most basic of insurances.

“Dajarra is being failed by our governments on every possible front, and the worst part is this is all symbolic of the treatment all we all cop out in rural and regional Queensland; this is simply in the extreme.”

Mr Katter Jnr said solutions to Dajarra’s water issues could include identifying a new, suitable bore site or revamping or replacing the under-performing osmosis plant

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