Knuth calls for statewide telestroke service

Mar 10, 2023

Knuth calls for statewide telestroke service

Mar 10, 2023

Member for Hill Shane Knuth has called on the State government to immediately implement a state-wide Telestroke Service.

The Hill MP recently delivered a speech and questioned the Health Minister in parliament on immediately implementing the service, which has received support from other State MP’s.

“It simply makes no sense that the service has been adopted in every other state in Australia, except Queensland,” Mr Knuth said.

“We are seeing a significant reduction in access to basic health services in regional Australia. GP’s are closing their doors at an alarming rate, with smaller communities having to sometimes travel for hours just to see a GP.

“Implementing a state-wide Telestroke service could help to fill this widening gap in services available to regional and remote communities.”

Mr Knuth said the Health Minister responded positively to his question on notice, stating;
“Queensland Health is leading a statewide reform agenda to transform the future of our health system, which includes the consideration of a state-wide Telestroke service.

This work is still in the consultation and development phase and therefore we are unable to advise a current timeline nor outcomes from this important phase.”

Mr Knuth pointed out that every day a decision is delayed on implementing the service will cost lives and cause long-term serious injuries.

“The statistics speak for themselves,” said Mr Knuth.

In Queensland alone, over 5,000 Queenslanders, will suffer a stroke for the first time this year, with 25 per cent of Queenslanders experiencing a stroke in their lifetime.”

Moyamoya Australia founder Nicole Baker said there was no reason why the service shouldn’t be adopted immediately.

“It’s time for regional Queenslanders to receive the same Telestroke service which is available in every other Australian state,” Ms Baker said.

“As a parent, I have firsthand experience of a child stroking in front of me and it’s absolutely horrific.

“To know there is a service available to ensure they receive the care they deserve is lifechanging, and with one stroke of a pen we could have it here in Queensland.

“Regional Queensland survivors of stroke and their loved ones deserve access to this lifesaving service.”