Knuth calls on Federal Minister to “CAN” Chalumbin

Aug 4, 2023

Member for Hill Shane Knuth has called on the Federal Minister for Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek to deny approval for Chalumbin Windfarm on the Atherton Tablelands.

Mr Knuth said the media announcement this week from Queensland’s Deputy Premier Steven Miles was a warning shot to the Federal Government.

“It’s no coincidence the State Government has announced a review of the requirements for wind farm developments, considering the situation with Chalumbin, to identify how they can better protect areas of high ecological and biodiversity value,” said Mr Knuth.

He said the review announcement is perfect timing, while the Federal Government is considering granting approval for the Chalumbin Wind Farm Development near Ravenshoe.

“To be honest I find it incredible that the Federal Government is still considering approving this project and seem to be ignoring that it is right next door to a World Heritage Listed area, which includes threatened and endangered, species and wet sclerophyll forest.

“On that basis alone, the project should be immediately stopped.”

Mr Knuth added there had been significant opposition to this project from within the wider community.

“I would ask anyone in the state how they would feel if their small community was surrounded by three wind farms, with Chalumbin’s turbines and blades set to be among the largest in the southern hemisphere,” he said.

“Valuable water projects and dams in this state are stopped when a species or natural habitat is threatened, but a free pass seems to be given to wind farms, despite knocking down forests, clearing land, endangering wildlife and destroying the quality of life of a community.

“This is neither clever nor economically or environmentally sensible.

“The negatives of this project far outweigh any minor positives it may provide and I 100 per cent support the community in campaigning against this foreign owned development.”