Labor-controlled supermarket inquiry nothing but a waste of time and money: Katter

Mar 8, 2024

Today we have confirmation that the Labor government has no interest in an independent examination of the despicable conduct of Australia’s major supermarkets, Katter’s Australia Party (KAP) Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter has said.

After repeated calls over many years from the KAP at all levels of government, the Queensland Labor Government have announced a so-called “probe into Supermarket price gouging.”

“We could come out and claim a victory following this announcement, but our cynicism is on overdrive,” Mr Katter said.

“We know full well that the Government uses inquiries to make excuses, not meaningful decisions.

“This Select Committee will travel all over our state and I know that they will hear some harrowing stories from our tireless farmers and producers.  But it will all be for nil.

“The farmers of Queensland will get a short-lived gee-up, and unfortunately, they may even get their hopes up about change into the future.

“We did not have high expectations in the first place about the independence, or the possibility of genuine outcomes from this thought-bubble media stunt from the Premier.

“You may have read about the Premier suggesting that the Committee would be independently chaired – and it is widely acknowledged that the KAP was approached to chair it.

“Our conscience would not be clear, if we chaired a Committee that was effectively controlled by the Government, with its report doomed to be parked on a Brisbane shelf to collect dust.

“With a Labor chair, this inquiry will only effectively hear and consider Labor’s supposed “solutions” that they have no interest in genuinely actioning.

“We’d love to have a crack at these corporate giants who are ripping off people right across Queensland, but we believe in real action, not meaningless token media response to a real issue for Queenslanders.”