Labor Unites to Cripple Queensland’s Wild Caught Seafood Industry

Jun 7, 2023

A decision by the State and Federal Labor Governments to reduce commercial fishing activities in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park has sent shockwaves throughout the industry with plans to ban all gillnet fishing by mid-2027.

CEO of the Queensland Seafood Industry Association (‘QSIA’), David Bobberman, said the bans – to take effect at the end of this year – were announced without consultation or discussion with the fishing industry.

“We are shocked by these unnecessary bans and the lack of empathy shown to fishers, their families and the communities that rely on the commercial fishing industry in the joint announcement by the State and Federal Governments.

“The way the two governments have handled this issue perfectly demonstrates why fishers suffer higher rates of mental illness, faced with constant anxiety about their future livelihoods and family wellbeing. It is a disgrace.

“For the past few months, the QSIA had been trying to put commercial fishers’ views to Government, without success.

“They have relied on outdated and at times unsupported data from environmental non-government organisations (ENGOs) without seeking the views of Industry. There has been a clear lack of due process and no engagement with industry.”

KAP Member for Kennedy said the move to ban gillnet fishing was another example of a “woke” government destroying Australian industry.

“The brutality of government borders on fascism,” Mr Katter said.

“They just take away our livelihoods and their attitude towards human life really belongs in the dark age, whether it’s the crocodiles, abortion or now taking away this industry.

“Suicide rates are very closely linked with people being bankrupted and kicked out of homes, and losing their jobs. Their entire lives are destroyed and the governments just don’t care.

“The ‘wokes’ who run government, the double-degree done nothings of this world with their self-promoting morality, they just keep destroying we Australians.

“They have no hesitation to eat a barramundi for dinner tonight, but they’ll have no difficulty in importing it from overseas.

“Not only do they not protect Australian industries and jobs, they actually destroy them.”

Hinchinbrook MP and KAP Deputy Leader, Nick Dametto, said the lack of industry consultation prior to the joint announcement was typical of a power drunk Labor Government.

“Labor is obsessed with appeasing fringe environmental groups at the expense of consumers and hardworking Australians which is not only unjustifiable but also deeply concerning,” Mr Dametto said.

“It’s disgusting that we have to be dictated to by the UN about how we use our own coastal waters.

“Not long ago, we saw the State Government all but destroy the Spanish mackerel industry and now with this latest onslaught, you have to wonder where it will end and what is the Government’s ultimate agenda when it comes to Australia’s seafood industry?

“With a single media release, the State and Federal Government have put a line through an entire industry that feeds us fresh, wild caught fish. We’ll all be eating pond fish before we know it.

“A compensation package is said to be on offer for more than 240 commercial fishers and I am committed to fighting for our local net fisherman to ensure they are remunerated for everything they are set to lose.

“Compensation may help ease the blow felt by those fishing licence holders but what about those who have leased licences and seafood retailers that are now faced with a blinding gape in the products they supply.