“Life has to come first”: KAP’s candidate for Cook steps aside

Feb 8, 2024

Katter’s Australian Party Leader and Traeger MP, Robbie Katter, has announced that Bruce Logan is stepping aside as the KAP’s candidate for Cook to rebuild his farm after the devastation of cyclone Jasper.

“Bruce’s efforts during and in the aftermath of Jasper demonstrated why he was such a great candidate for us.

“He’s spent the last six weeks engaged in rescue and recovery efforts in the affected areas in the cape, helping people get their lives back together.

“But we respect that Bruce now needs to attend to rebuilding his own shattered farm and dedicating himself to his livelihood and providing for his family.

“Life has to come first, and we’re fully supportive of Bruce’s decision to relinquish his candidacy to focus on what are really the importance things in life.”

Mr Katter said he was pleased that Mr Logan would continue to support the KAP’s quest to secure the seat of Cook in October’s state election.

“Bruce is still going to be working away in the background for us to support our next Cook candidate, and we couldn’t be happier about that,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Logan said the decision to resign as a candidate had not been an easy one, but the impact of the cyclone, combined with the recent loss of his mother, had caused him to take stock.

Mr Logan said that he was grateful for the support and encouragement he’d received from the KAP during his campaign.   

“I learned a lot in a hurry from some of the best pollies in the country and won’t forget what Robbie, Bob and the entire team did for me as a candidate

“I’ll be taking that experience and using it to back the party’s campaign to take Cook,” Mr Logan said.

Photo: Bruce Logan