Dec 1, 2022


Dec 1, 2022

Katter’s Australian Party Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter says an ANZ service’s decision to cancel phone banking to the Australian shooting sector is born out of ignorance and recklessly virtue-signalling on an issue that contributes nothing to public safety.


Earlier this week, media reported that ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions informed customers their ability to sell weapons by use of Mail or Telephone Order was being deactivated under a policy that prohibited the online sale of weapons to ensure customers attended in-store to provide licence and permit checks.


The move, which was expected to ban phone and online transactions by failing to approve payments and would particularly hurt regional communities, was slammed as further victimisation of legal gun owners and dealers already struggling to operate within tightening restrictions.


“The reality of this is not that gangsters are walking around with sidearms in the CBD, but that farmers’ wives will now have far less ability to feel safe on their remote stations,” Mr Katter said.


“This will severely restrict access and the operation of businesses for licensed firearm holders who are being recklessly preyed upon, while the really important areas of community safety around firearms remain unaddressed,” he said.


The antiquated attitude drew comparisons to bank discrimination against certain religions in the past.  


“My mother advised me she wouldn’t bank with NAB growing up as they didn’t lend to Irish Catholics like her family when they first came over,” Mr Katter said.


“This seems funny now how antiquated that type of indiscrete discrimination was. Unfortunately, that attitude has been ripped right out of the closet for businesses that serve licensed firearms owners.”


Shooters Union Australia President Graham Park slammed the ANZ service’s decision as an uninformed overreach and part of an ongoing movement of large businesses, including FedEx, suddenly severing service to the shooting industry.


He said shooters were tired of banks targeting law-abiding firearm users and businesses because of virtue-signalling “social responsibility” policies which overstepped the bank’s role.


“Firearms businesses operate under stringent legislation and oversight; it’s not up to banks or payment provider services to impose their own conditions on top of that,” Mr Park said.


“It would help if banks actually knew what the legislation around firearms and ammunition sales was, because then they’d know all firearms and ammunition sales must be between a licensed dealer and a person with a firearms licence – and the licensed person has to be there in person to collect the gun/ammo.”


Mr Park also questioned banks’ rejection of payment services to the shooting industry while approving others.


“Banks have no trouble providing payment services to liquor stores, pubs, and clubs, so why are they making it difficult for firearm businesses?”

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