Moronic mindset prevails as Govts allow foreign farm sales

Sep 9, 2021

Moronic mindset prevails as Govts allow foreign farm sales

Sep 9, 2021

Lawson Grains, one of Australia’s leading corporate grain growers, has been acquired by Canadian-owned [1]New Forests and Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMC), a sign that Australia is continuing to be usurped by foreign landlords, Kennedy MP, Bob Katter has warned.

Lawson Grains, owned by US-based, Macquarie Crop Partners, produces more than 200,000 tonnes per year of wheat, barley, canola and pulses from 90,000 hectares of farmland in New South Wales and Western Australia.

While the completion of this acquisition is still subject to approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), Mr Katter said that the Board had a consistent history of ticking off on almost everything and Australia had lost yet another chance to reclaim Australian-owned farmland.

“Australia has become a land of modern-day serfs working for the foreign landlord,” he said.

“We have no governments in Australia, state or federal, because any group of people that would allow their entire country to be sold off to foreigners, and or their industries exported overseas, without firing a single shot, isn’t a government.

“The production of essential products and the provision of essential services to be owned by foreign corporations means only one thing; you’re watching the corporate colonisation of Australia.

“There is not a single substantial contract by the Queensland Government or the Australian Government that requires local content. And on the odd occasion that there is, it is just papering over the lies.

“China owns nearly 60 per cent of our electricity generation from the glass that you put on your roof, to huge electricity companies, coal-fired power stations, wind farms and solar fields. China has control of our biggest coal exporting port in Newcastle, the only panamax port in northern Australia at Darwin, and our biggest irrigation system – the Ord stages two and three – were given to them.

“They sold our national airline carrier, Qantas, our rail networks, our mines.

“So that will give you the dimension of the morons that run the State and Federal Governments.”

Mr Katter said that Australia’s superannuation funds could be put to better use and invested in make-money projects or buying back Australian farmland instead, of dabbling in the share market.

“There is $140 billion dollars sitting in Australia’s superannuation funds and to put that in perspective that is one tenth of the earnings of the Australian people. And what are they doing with that money? They are selling stock market shares back and forth in some sort of giant Ponzi scheme or pyramid selling.

“So when you wake up tomorrow morning and find yourself as a modern day serf working for a foreign landlord, take note – you are working for less and less as the pockets of the corporate masters undermine your pay and conditions.

“You are working in a time with the lowest wage growth in Australian history, our national income in the last 30 years is not much over 100 per cent while the price of food has gone up 200 per cent and the price to farmer has gone down.

“The governments of Australia seem to spend their time trying to close down the coal industry to save the world, close down the cane industry to save the reef, and close down the cattle industry stop the surface erosion and appease the gangreens.

“I keep using the word moron because there is no sign of intelligence working here. There is a rampant ideology, but no sign of any intelligence at all.

“Even at a most cursory glance at Australian history, the Red Ted Theodore’s, Thiess’s, the Hielscher’s, the Black Jack McEwen’s, the Bjelke-Petersen’s, it would seem inconceivable to them that government would allow this to happen. Their whole lives were spent having Australians build the resources of the nation.

“Now they are being flogged off to the first foreign fat-cat that knocks.”