Old truck tyres kickstart manufacturing plant in Charters Towers

Mar 3, 2022

Old truck tyres kickstart manufacturing plant in Charters Towers

Mar 3, 2022

A CHARTERS TOWERS business that processes old truck tyres into bases for bollards used on roadworks sites, is looking to expand with Federal Government funding.

Kennedy MP, Bob Katter, recently took a tour of ASR Investment’s processing plant with owner Alan Rowe, who is looking to use funds from the Northern Australia Development program to grow the business.

Mr Rowe will be recycling old truck tyres from Northwest Qld Council areas from Cloncurry to Charters Towers by turning them into traffic bollard bases with his mobile tyre shredding plant and with his plant based in Charters Towers.

Mr Rowe said regional Councils have large stockpiles of tyres ready for disposal.

“Our proposal will address the problems associated with tyre disposal through recycling by turning them into bollard bases,” he said.

“Currently bollard bases are mostly made overseas. We can make these products right here in North Qld.

“I started about five years ago and in the early days it was a fair bit of messing around. But the last three years we’ve really focussed on making the bollard bases.

“We are applying for a couple of grants which will allow us to buy the equipment we need to expand. We will go out to the western areas with our mobile shredder and shred the tyres down so we can bring them back to the main plant in Charters Towers where they will be turned into traffic bollards.”

At peak production Alan plans to produce one-thousand bollard bases a week.

Kennedy MP, Bob Katter said he supports any proposal that creates manufacturing jobs in Australia. 

“We Australians are sick and tired of seeing all our jobs and industries going overseas to China,” he said.

“Our town of Charters Towers is leading the fight back for Australian jobs, and Alan’s proposal to recycle tyres which are very expensive to dispose of otherwise, is a credit to him. Currently people pay nearly $20 to dispose of their tyres. If this proposal works out Alan will pay you to take your tyre.

“Alan already has runs on the board with his plant in town and it is great that he’s looking to expand.”         

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