Petition: Your Chance to Say “No” to Radical Gender Theory

Apr 11, 2023

As soon as next week, the Queensland Labor Government will seek to pass legislation to amend the State’s Births, Deaths and Marriages Act, which will:

  • Make it legal for any one over the age of 16 to change their sex on their birth certificate without undergoing sexual reassignment surgery and a statement from a doctor or psychologist;
  • Make it legal for the individual changing their sex on their birth certificate to choose any “sex descriptor”;
  • Make it legal for children aged between 12-15, who do not have their parents’ support, to apply to the Queensland Children’s Court to change their sex on their birth certificate;
  • Remove the reference to “mother” from the Birth, Death and Marriages Act and replace it with “birth parent”;
  • Make it legal to register two mothers (and no father) or two fathers (and no mother) on a child’s birth certificate;
  • Make it legal to register the individual who gives birth to a child as the “father” of the child in the case the individual is a trans-man (but biologically a female);
  • Accelerates certain amendments to the Anti-Discrimination Act, which will increase protections for the trans, gender diverse and intersex community.

The KAP does not support Radical Gender Theory, and believes it is harmful to vulnerable individuals (including those who choose to live a trans life, which is their prerogative) and corrosive to society overall.

 The KAP is concerned the Bill will trivialise the importance of sex identification and conflate the topic of biological sex with gender, which is anti-scientific.

 It will also unacceptably impinge on the rights and safety of women, create confusion in the health sector and pose a risk to crucial and accurate data collection that is used to inform public policy and assist with identifying key trends in the areas of health, crime, employment and so on.

 The Bill will impact on single-sex schools and other single sex facilities such as correctional centres or hospital wards, and expose these spaces to the risk of serious harm.

 It will impose on the rights of those in the community who choose to use traditional, gender-based language and will erose the rights of parents’ to remain in control of the raising of their own children.

 The KAP is a party founded on strong Christian values and will continue to advocate and promote policy that supports those values.

Petition Opposing Change of Gender Identity on Birth Certificate

This is a petition opposing the passing of QLD legislation enabling children as young as 12 to change their gender identity on their birth certificate.

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