PM backs Katter In Holding Supermarkets To Account

Mar 28, 2024

KENNEDY MP Bob Katter is knocking over political dominos with the Prime Minister the latest elected representative affirming the North Queenslander’s demands for action against the major supermarkets.

Reflecting on his now famous “pig stunt” at Federal Parliament in February which aimed to shine a light on the corporate greed of the two major grocers, Mr Katter said “we might not get there today but we will get there.”

“And within hours of that stunt, Woolworths announced it was reducing the price on 400 items,” Mr Katter said.

“Since then, we’ve heard the Nationals ‘wanting to do something’ about supermarkets, the Greens want divestiture.

“Then on Tuesday the Prime Minister spoke about merger laws and holding the supermarkets to account.”

In response to a question without notice from Mr Katter on breaking up the supermarkets and producers, the PM stated “when farmers are getting less money for their product… then you would expect that to translate to cheaper prices at the checkout, and the truth is it hasn’t done so.”

“We’ve set up a competition task force in Treasury which is considering Australia’s merger laws,” the Prime Minister told Mr Katter.

“What we’ll do, Member for Kennedy, is certainly respond to any recommendations, including recommendations by the ACCC. I want to continue to work with the member for Kennedy.”

Mr Katter said the issue of affordable groceries and the treatment of farmers had become “a runaway train” of an issue warned elected representatives from “standing in the way”.

“Australians will not let this go, if anyone stands in the way – they’re going to be run over,” Mr Katter said.

“What started as a stunt, has now become a juggernaut with all of the crossbenchers, the National Party leader, the PM himself, starting to come to the view that divestiture must take place.

“Setting up another authority or inquiry, will be an absolute joke.”