POLL: Do you think the “woke brigade” is actively trying to tear down Australia’s proud military tradition?

Jun 8, 2023

The left and progressive media have seized upon the verdict in the recent federal court decision in the defamation trial of Ben Robert-Smith to trash the Australian military’s role in defending our values overseas and even questioned the ANZAC legend.

But as KAP Leader Robbie Katter says, the woke brigade’s pile-on is not about tut-tutting the actions of an individual, it is part of a longer-term undermining of the tenets of Australia’s national identity some of which is built on our proud military history and the endeavours of ordinary “solider citizens” in conflicts overseas for more than a century. The “diggers” who fought the forces of facism in Europe, Africa and the Pacific and have supported our allies in conflicts in countries they barely ever heard of are easy targets for the latte-sipping set in the inner-cities who comfortably enjoy the fruits of others’ sacrifices.

The modern woke generation consider it a sport to pick on anyone who represents nationalism, a proud Australia. We should revere those who generate money, protect our country and produce wealth for us.  

For the ‘double-degree done nothings’ they are their singular targets – they hate all the traditional values that Australians have revered for hundreds, I would argue thousands of years.  

We need to look at the people that made this decision and give them the same scrutiny; decisions made on the basis of prejudices from the ‘fully modern class’ with their double degrees and cushy jobs. They spit upon the values of we Australians.  

Suggestions that the government recruits these soldiers, and therefore the government should be responsible for their acts – well, the government standing up against a woke attack?  I’d die of shock.  

Bob Katter


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