President’s Message

Nov 17, 2018

President’s Message

Nov 17, 2018

Last week we proudly announced the KAP candidate for Herbert, Nanette Radeck. Nanette, born and raised in North Queensland, is a high school teacher with decades of experience in education.

She is also a mother of three adult boys, and is running because she wants Townsville to have a brighter future for her family and her students.

Nanette will be campaigning for water security and affordable energy for North Queensland, as well as the creation of jobs and infrastructure to provide more opportunity for families in the Townsville region.  Nanette believes it’s time for regional QLD to be represented by a regional party, not the Brisbane-based major parties that have failed us in the past.

The Federal Election could be called at any time between now and May 2019. Katter’s Australian Party is in full preparation mode to ensure that we are ready when the Election is announced.  We do still have nominations open in a select number of electorates.

Quality candidates are critical to our ability to stand up and fight for things that matter to you.
We are always interested to hear from people who would like to become a candidate or to hear suggestions of someone you think would make a great candidate.

Our candidates should be committed to KAP’s core values and principles, and just as importantly, they should be passionate about creating change.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please obtain more information on becoming a candidate at . Alternatively, contact our friendly Head Office on 07 4401 5037 or  They’d be pleased to hear from you.

Our time is now.

Shane Paulger
KAP President