President’s Message

Jan 25, 2019

President’s Message

Jan 25, 2019

Here at Katter’s Australian Party we believe in all things Australian! This week we launched our “Unashamedly Australian” ad, in response to the annual ritual that happens around this time of year of bringing down Australia.

KAP’s core principle is Australianism, supporting Australians and celebrating Australia’s unique national spirit. In KAP’s advertisement, members of parliament and federal election candidates come together for a beach BBQ to celebrate Australia, and everything that is Australian about us.

You can help Katter’s Australian Party to spread the message of celebrating Australia in our Australian Way. To see the advertisement reach National TV, you can donate to the party HERE

There are also other ways you can help us to continue our fight for Australia. These include;

  1. Becoming a member;

Members play a very important role in the success of Katter’s Australian Party.  Your membership helps us run our election campaigns, which are critical if we are to win more seats in state and federal parliament. You can join us HERE

  1. Volunteering;

    Volunteering is very important to both the party and our candidates’ success. A simple letterbox drop, handing out how to vote cards or assisting the candidate with their campaign is extremely helpful. You can sign up as a volunteer HERE

Enjoy the advertisement and just like KAP – be unashamedly Australian.

Shane Paulger
KAP President