Blue Cards

KAP’s Blue Card bill would provide a framework that empowers Indigenous communities and still protects kids.

The existing Blue Card system, while well-meaning in its intention, is not practical in its application to remote communities.

Numerous examples exist where individuals who have made significant attempts to reform their behaviour are faced with no hope of accessing employment due to the Blue Card system.

The current system is a significant barrier to economic development in Indigenous communities.

Robbie Katter introduced a Bill into parliament in 2017 that calls for the creation of a new class of Blue Card that applies only to Indigenous communities.

The objectives of this Bill are to provide a new Blue Card framework that empowers Indigenous communities to make decisions which best serve their interests in relation to child protection and employment of community members.

The new framework allows Community Justice Groups to issue Blue Cards, rather than the department, who typically have no knowledge of the circumstances or the individuals involved.

Child safety would still be the number one priority under KAP’s Blue Card bill, so people who have committed offences against children would not be eligible.