Electricity Prices

KAP wants a range of measures that would provide immediate energy price relief.

High energy prices are crippling businesses and hurting families. Building more power stations is all well and good – but this will take many years, and we need immediate relief from high prices.

Immediate measures to reduce electricity prices:

  • Ban the Optimised Replacement Cost valuation methodology used by Powerlink, Ergon and Energex to save customers $500 million to $1 billion per annum, and permanently put downward pressure on prices;
  • Remove the Competitive Neutrality Fee, estimated to permanently reduce prices by at least 10 per cent;
  • Remove the unnecessary margins applied by Ergon to the calculation of regulated prices. This will result in an immediate five per cent price reduction for residential and business customers;
  • Put an indefinite freeze on the escalation of transitional tariffs used in irrigation to maintain the competitiveness of our agricultural industry.

These measures will immediately reduce electricity prices and give households and businesses choice where they buy their electricity.