North Queensland Separate State

The only way to unlock North Queensland’s full potential.

KAP wants North Queensland to split from the south to create a separate state. We think it is important to revisit the lines that were drawn on a map more than 150 hundred years ago.

Queensland was originally part of New South Wales – it was one big state. In 1851, there was a public meeting to discuss the possibility of the north splitting from New South Wales to become its own state. People were worried that the people governing were geographically too far away. In 1859, the state split and Queensland was created.

For too long, North Queensland has been treated as South East Queensland’s poor cousin. KAP believes the only way to unlock North Queensland’s massive potential, is to create a separate state. Successive governments have had 159 years to prove that they can govern the entire state, not just the south east corner, but time and time again North Queensland gets ignored.

It’s time to redraw the boundaries and give North Queensland the chance to thrive.