Serenella parts with hair for good cause

Mar 22, 2021

Serenella parts with hair for good cause

Mar 22, 2021

A DESIRE to honour the memory of her late daughter and give back has inspired one Ingham grandmother to shave her hair for a good cause. 

Serenella Fava will get the clippers in front of friends and family this Saturday night at Lucinda Point Hotel as she raises money for cancer charity Audrey’s Angels, palliative care and local cancer patients and their families.  

Mrs Fava tragically lost her daughter Roxanne to cancer in 2017, who left behind two sons, Ryan and Daniel. 

”Roxanne was a very positive person. She went through many hardships when starting her family and when she found out she had cancer, she was very positive and courageous and never gave up,” she said. 

“The support I’ve been getting from people who want to be there on the night has been amazing. A lot of people knew Roxanne, she was so loved.  

“The Herbert River District has been amazing. Even when Roxanne passed away, what the community did for us and the boys, I can’t say thank you enough.”  

While her grandsons aren’t too keen to see her go bald, Mrs Fava said they understood why she was doing it. 

“I’ve said to them my hair will grow back again and it’s a small thing for me to do to support people who have cancer and gone through a lot of hardships,” she said. 

Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto praised Mrs Fava for her fundraising efforts. 

“The compassion for other cancer sufferers shown by Serenella after enduring such a loss speaks volumes about her character,” Mr Dametto said.  

“The Herbert River District wrapped their arms around her and her family when they needed it the most and it’s a beautiful gesture for Serenella to want to give back and say thank you by fundraising for others.” 

All are welcome to join Mrs Fava, her family and friends at the Lucinda Point Hotel from 7:30pm this Saturday when she will have her hair shaved off.  

To donate to the fundraiser, please see the banking details below: 


BSB: 064810 

Account No: 10224817