Shane Knuth appalled with State Government cutting teachers pay checks

Aug 24, 2022

Shane Knuth appalled with State Government cutting teachers pay checks

Aug 24, 2022

Member for Hill Shane Knuth said the Founding Fathers of the Labor movement would be turning in their graves over how far the party had fallen from its traditional values.


This was in response to the revelations of a letter, leaked to media, of correspondence from the Education Department to severely penalise and docks a percentage per week over 18 weeks’ pay from 900 Queensland teachers, teacher aides, cleaners and admin staff for not being Covid vaccinated.


“The Labor party founders would have fought tooth and nail against this type of tyranny to strip teachers and other education workers of any of their salary, simply because they have made a personal choice not to be vaccinated against Covid,” Mr Knuth said.


“These are average hard-working people. They are our family members and friends who contribute to their communities.


“For the government to act against people in such a manner and treat them basically as criminals is an absolute disgrace.


“Statements by the department made in the letter such as “lost trust” and “acted inappropriately” are degrading to these hard-working Queenslanders.


“They are talking about how serious this disciplinary action is, yet it doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated or not you can still get Covid and pass it on. This latest advice from the department to those affected is nothing short of vindictive and senseless.


“Every parent in Queensland should be concerned that the government is penalising their children’s teachers for making a personal choice. We were already struggling with teaching staff, which has an effect on our children’s education, before this disgraceful action.


“We used to have a thing called freedom in Queensland, but those freedoms are seriously under attack by this Government.


“I have never, in my 18 years in State Parliament seen such a prolonged vindictive attack against workers and everyday people who have been segregated from our society.”


Cassowary Coast relief teacher William Ritchie said he will not go back to work while the Government continues to discriminate against teachers.


Mr Ritchie said he has been vaccinated but he still believes this is discrimination and will refuse to work for the Education Department for the rest of the year.


“There is a teacher shortage at the moment, and they need every teacher they can get but I have already rung and told the department that I will not be working for the rest of the year in protest,” Mr Ritchie said.