Stage 3 tax cuts a band-aid for ‘woke-fantasy’ budget blowout

Jan 26, 2024

KATTER’S Australian Party says its North Queensland residents are being, and will further be “ripped off” with by the Federal Government’s new Stage 3 tax cuts, being touted as “cost-of-living” relief.  

Kennedy MP Bob Katter said while he generally supported money back in the pockets of everyday Australians, he had strong reason to believe the initial cuts were being scrapped to balance a budget “thrown out of whack” by “wokie and greenie initiatives.”  

“There’s clearly no money left to spend – just one example, look at our roads systems in North Queensland, they’re farcical,” Mr Katter said.  

“But that’s what you’re left with when you spend $400m on a Yes, No vote to divide this country. A significant portion of our taxes are going to the wokie fantasy land issues.  

“Or you’re putting money towards reports for intermittent power projects, which go from one study to another, and I doubt whether one-tenth of them have come to fruition. So the government just spends thousands of millions each year thinking its saving the planet. 

Mr Katter acknowledged the cuts were being “advertised” as a cost-of-living relief, but he said it would only offer a band-aid solution while ignoring real the real drivers of household financial pain – soaring supermarket prices and housing and land costs.  

KAP leader the state MP for Traeger Robbie Katter slammed the Labor Government for breaking its election promise, while outlining the effects of the changes on his constituents, particularly those working in remote and regional areas.  

“People move to regional and remote Australia to take up jobs in critical areas like health, education and in the resource industries,” Robbie Katter said.  

“And in these areas higher pay is compensation for the higher cost of living. So reneging on these tax cuts will affect workers in those areas and in those industries and make it harder for regional Australia to grow.”  


Photo: KAP Leader and Traeger MP, Robbie Katter with Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter.