Successive governments’ ‘stupidity’ to blame for new job crisis

Jun 14, 2018

Successive governments’ ‘stupidity’ to blame for new job crisis

Jun 14, 2018

KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has today lashed out in response to a paper released last night by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) which revealed the Turnbull Government’s promise of a million ‘jobs and growth’ has mislead and failed Australians.

The ACTU paper claims that the Coalition had instead mastered job ‘creation’ through issuing visas which account for more than half of the promised million jobs.

Mr Katter said the government should be ashamed for their so called ‘track record’ in creating jobs blaming the flood of foreigners granted temporary visas each year for competing with Aussie job seekers.

“The trade union paper says that half these jobs are temporary. Well 200,000 jobs a year is no achievement; that is the average in Australia and I think I’d be ashamed of it if I were in Government.

“These 200,000 jobs are offset by the 200,000 people losing full time employment because those jobs are being occupied by the 640,000 people that the Government is bringing in from overseas and into an economy that is only growing, at their own statement of, ‘only 200,000 jobs’ a year.

“And on top of this, there are 200,000 school leavers each year also competing for the work.

“The explosion in government welfare, Christian Porter the then Minister said it himself that ‘welfare would explode from 20% of the budget where it is now, to 50% of the budget’.

“Is it any wonder that now we no longer have outpatients in our hospitals. We don’t have 24/hr medical service at our hospitals anymore. Is it any wonder that the pensioners have lost $10 a week from the Government, because the Government is going broke?

“Well if you bring 640,000 people into Australia each year to take our jobs and undermine our pay and conditions, what do you expect?”

Mr Katter said that the casualisation of the workforce meant people would struggle to apply for bank loans to allow them to own their own house in the future. 

“These are not permanent jobs. You can’t go along with this job and say to the bank that you want a loan for a house – you won’t get it because you haven’t got a permanent job.

“The pay and conditions paid to a lot of these people, technically there is a job there, but these people come from countries like China and India where their income is $5,000 a year – they think it is Christmas time to get $10,000 or $15,000 a year in Australia.

“I strongly recommend people to go into labour hire companies because you will make a squillion dollars out of the stupidity, cupidity and traitorous actions of successive governments – both Liberal and Labor.”