Sugar to fuel the nation

Jun 12, 2018

Sugar to fuel the nation

Jun 12, 2018

Bob Katter: Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

 Another sugar crushing season is upon us.

The opposition Treasurer Chris Bowen has called for a paper from the KAP on ethanol and I am giving each of the key members in the ALP and Liberal parties an outlined brief on the significance of ethanol.

Motor vehicle emissions kill more people than motor vehicle accidents.  On overage $20,000 million goes to the Middle East to buy oil instead of Australia which has no indigenous supply of petrol. Storage has slipped from 23 days, three years ago (to quote Minister Frydenberg), now to only 20 days.

Believe it or not, the Liberals are talking about more tax. Their military advice never told them about terrorists blowing up tanks and even whole oil fields.

On the ethanol experience, over the last 10 -15 years, a 22% mandate as in Brazil along with 30% oil shale as in America  would make Australia safe and deliver a 23% price rise to the sugar industry and a 16% price rise to grain, and a 3% cost cutting to cattle production.

God Bless,

 Bob Katter

Federal Member for Kennedy