The week that was

Sep 22, 2018

The week that was

Sep 22, 2018

See what our Members of Parliament, Senator Fraser Anning, Honourable Bob Katter, Robbie Katter, Shane Knuth and Nick Dametto got up to this week.

Bob Katter, Federal Member for Kennedy

  • Continued the crusade in Canberra this week to fight the Trans Pacific Partnership in the Federal Parliament by moving an amendment and dividing the House of Representatives in a last ditch effort to convince both sides of Government to re-think ratifying the ‘nation-destroying’ legislation
  • Put a question to the Minister for Environment Melissa Price:

    “Documents sent on the 5th March to the Government compliance unit and the Federal Police raised questions of most serious irregularities in the use of $20 million for crown of thorns star fish eradication. Some three weeks later April 9th it was decided that all Reef Action Funding to the bodies in question – GBRMPA, RRF Research Centre and AMPTO was terminated. Is the Minister aware that one of these paid for a parliamentarian’s political ad? And further aware that since starfish are removed for free and for fun will we be assured a serious ‘public’ investigation will be undertaken? And I emphasise the word ‘public’”

    Her Response: Well…she couldn’t get the name right for a start! It’s Crown of thorns starfish not a crown of starfish.

  • Responded to the governments proposed new laws to be introduced regarding the recent strawberry contamination. My office went into immediate discussions to ensure that this new legislation would not place any further costs or burdens on farmers and producers. It’s aimed at the bad guys.


Robbie Katter, State Member for Traeger

  • On Sunday night Robbie was at the Queensland Thoroughbred Awards where he saw his friend Dan Ballard named Queensland Jockey of the Year again.
  • While in Brisbane for parliament this week he attended the Christian Fellowship Breakfast on Tuesday morning.
  • He introduced the “He Said, She Said” Bill into parliament on Wednesday. This bill is about protecting the right of people to use gendered language without punishment.
  • On Thursday night he was at the Queensland Parliament’s Drought Appeal Reception.
  • On Friday he returned home to Mount Isa and followed up electorate business.


Shane Knuth, State Member for Hill

  • In Parliament last week – I sought leave to put a motion to Parliament for the immediate introduction of a 10 cent per litre levy on the price of milk sold in supermarkets to support Queensland’s dairy industry; and condemn any supermarket or processor who doesn’t agree to implement the scheme and pass on the levy in full to dairy farmers. The ALP voted unanimously against the motion and again displayed their contempt for our farmers.
  • I raised a question to the Minister why the Govt is discarding of funding for the School to Industry Partnership Program – a destructive senseless attack on the Queensland agricultural industry. The Minister said funding is only committed to the end of 2018 and not beyond. I will continue to fight for this.
  • Cheered on the the Tully Tigers at the Rugby league major preliminary semi finals. Tully defeated Cairns Brothers! Go Tigers!
  • Enjoyed a stroll through the Mission Beach Markets and caught up with stall holders and of course enjoyed some nice local food.
  • My wife Heather and I enjoyed the atmosphere at the Tablelands Netball Association Grand Finals.
  • It was a great honour to officiate the opening of the Cassowary Coast Orchid Expo. Wonderful display of Flowers.
  • Enjoyed the Innisfail Markets.
  • Attended the Official Opening of the Herberton Fire and Rescue Station

Nick Dametto, State Member for Hinchinbrook

  • Attended hearings in Brisbane for the Inquiry into wage theft in Queensland as part of the Education, Employment and Small Business Committee on Monday before lending his support to the Parliamentary Friends of Surf Life Saving Qld that night.
  • Submitted a Question on Notice in parliament on Tuesday calling on Police Minister Mark Ryan to scrap the  former Newman government’s Type 2 Anti-Hooning – Illegal Modifications laws have been unfairly penalising modified 4WD owners.