Value add: Two key projects which could boost QLD’s new ‘super hub’

Nov 15, 2022

Value add: Two key projects which could boost QLD’s new ‘super hub’

Nov 15, 2022

WHILE Kennedy MP Bob Katter remains sceptical about Queensland’s transition and the reliance on renewable energy, he welcomed parts of the Premier’s announcement for a new “super hub” near Hughenden, west of Townsville.

The State Premier on Monday announced the government would build transmission lines from Townsville to Hughenden while Fortescue Future Industries and Windlab constructed wind and solar projects to feed up to 10 gigawatts of electricity into the network.

Mr Katter said while he welcomed the announcement, the State needed to commit to the full CopperString 2.0 transmission line network, connecting Townsville to Mount Isa and powering the region’s industries along the way.

“We applaud the Premier for her initiatives, but instead of making announcements and press releases, it would be good if they could just build the full (CopperString) powerline,” Mr Katter said.

While Mr Katter has opposed wind farms in populated areas bordering with rainforests, he said he was supportive of Windlab’s wind and solar Kennedy Energy Park near Hughenden, which is set to benefit from the Premier’s announcement.

“Hughenden is where this nation goes forward or stops. Unless we can develop west of the Great Dividing Range this country cannot survive.

“I cannot recall in human history where a country holds down land the size of Europe, where all of its wealth is, populated by 1.2 million people, with no development.”

Mr Katter said it was encouraging to see the Premier’s interest in the North West and reiterated the importance of the Hughenden Irrigation Scheme which could serve as a complimentary project to the “super hub”.

“I’ve been advised they’ve recently started modelling the generation of their own electricity during the evening, utilising the irrigation water already at hand.

“My commitment to populating North West Queensland is unwavering and HIPCo will achieve it. The Hughenden Irrigation scheme will bring 1900 jobs to the community, and it’s flagged to be the first carbon-neutral irrigation scheme in the world,” he said.