What’s the go Ergon?

Apr 21, 2024

This isn’t just an isolated matter, there seems to be a region wide increase no-one was ready for,” Mr Dametto said.

“Whether it’s due to bill estimates because of meter readings not occurring during Cyclone Kirrily, or unexplained price hikes in wholesale electricity, a widespread dramatic increase should have been communicated to residents by Ergon or the State Government beforehand.

“Ergon owes residents an explanation. People are struggling to understand and interpret their power bills and are rightly feeling like they’ve been rorted.

“Customers have found it quite rude when opening their bills to see in some cases they have doubled without any explanation or a price break down by Ergon Energy. It would be good customer service if Ergon took the time to explain this to customers.

“Queenslanders may enjoy the relief of State Government rebates but what they would prefer is a clear strategy from the Energy Minister on how this State Labor Government intends to bring their power bills down permanently.

“Instead, what was confirmed in Parliament last week was that both the State Labor Government and the Opposition are blindly careening ahead with reckless and unachievable renewable energy targets and energy users will be left footing the bill.

“I am publicly calling for Ergon Energy to promptly explain to North Queenslanders why in many cases, they are being asked to pay double on their normal power bill.”

Photo: KAP Deputy Leader and Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto.